Fridays with Flea Style: Kendall-Jackson Brand Ambassador Lindsey Boettcher

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Lindsey Boettcher is the Brand Ambassador for Jackson Family Wines (yes, as in the California company that dominates the wine market and created chardonnay titan Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve).

She’s crafted a wildly accomplished career path over the past two decades after starting at the bottom of the wine and spirits industry barrel — all the while a mom of three young kiddos.

Learn more about this girlboss and listen to her full Fridays with Flea Style podcast episode below!

Lindsey Boettcher, Kendall-Jackson Brand Ambassador


What was your first job? Was the beverage industry something you were interested in?

I had no idea this industry existed! I waited tables in college but I went to school and got a BA in psychology. I thought I wanted to get my masters but decided it wasn’t really what I was passionate about. I went back to cocktail waitressing and just fell into the beverage industry. I landed in the Gallo program and typically was calling on store fronts and building displays. I worked constantly but I was told that if I could do this portion of the job, I could do anything. My end goal was sales and that’s what I hustled towards during this time.

After years of working in this industry, you left for a different sales job. Talk about this part of your career path.

I was looking for something a little different (than wine and spirits) after starting my family.  I had two little ones and wanted more structure. I fell into a medical sales position and my work hours and lifestyle completely changed. While the money was great, I traveled all the time and it turned out to not really fit my life. My goal was to stay there for two years but I knew when that didn’t work out, I was faced with do I stay in this industry or do I go back to the wine and beverage industry? And I knew I wanted to go back – wine is where I belong.


Lindsey Boettcher, Kendall-Jackson Brand Ambassador

How did you get your current job?

I had friends in the industry and I told them I was coming back. I made it very clear that if I came back to beverage sales, I knew I only wanted to work for a great company. I wanted to sell something that I loved, believed in and drank at home.

How did you conquer sales without being sales-y?

Honestly, I’ll give Gallo a shout-out. They taught about consultative selling. When you sell ten cases to a restaurateur, you want to help them sell through it and the sale should be approached as a team effort. It’s not just about what you need out of it and hitting your quota, it’s a partnership. Everyone has their own sales style and I typically just authentically talk about our wine – which I love – and it works.


Lindsey Boettcher, Kendall-Jackson Brand Ambassador


You run your own book of business even though you work for a big company. Walk us through a day in your shoes.

My bosses are in California and I office from home so I have to manage my time. You have to be self-driven and a very motivated person to manage your time and get your work done. Monday’s are usually my office day which I am basically fully on email. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I’m out in the market. I’m constantly in accounts that have our wine or I’m showing our wine. People want to support you if you support them. So I’m very big on going to lunches and dinners and supporting the accounts that carry our wine.

Times have changed so much since your first job out of college with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… Talk about some of the ways that you have found success in building a brand and getting the word out that don’t rely on a phone. 

It’s so important to still make connections. When you connect with someone and talk to them for 20 minutes, that’s a lifelong person that will remember what you talked about and your conversation. It’s similar to giving someone a luxury item and any time they use it, they remember you. That’s what we want for Kendall-Jackson. We want people to pull out our wine and remember the personal connection we made with them.


Lindsey Boettcher, Kendall-Jackson Brand Ambassador



Favorite wine varietal? 

It depends. Do you want to eat filet mignon everyday? Do you want to eat a salad everyday? I like whites when it’s hot and a nice cab when it’s cool outside.

Last meal on earth?

You know what, it would be a chicken salad sandwich and tortilla soup from the T Room at Forty Five Ten in Dallas. They recently closed and I already miss it so much!

Dream vacation destination?


What are you currently listening to?

Chris Stapleton, Ryan Adams, John Denver…

brown pattern wink

Don’t miss Lindsey’s entire podcast. It’s so good! Check it out along with other Fridays with Flea Style episodes on iTunes here.