Britt’s Picks: Podcasts, Parties + Plants!

Britt's Picks: New Window Display, Potted Plants + Blogger Party

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. I’m managing the store today, so come down and say hi if you’re around from noon to 5 p.m.! Our manager works weekends (hello, retail life!) so I give her one off a month and take over duties. I actually love it because weekends are our busiest days and I get to really talk to customers and meet so many new friends and faces!

This past week was a little different for us. We buckled down and taped three podcasts! We normally tape one a week but with our busy show season around the corner (our first Market at The Star is September 8th!) we’re planning ahead and pre-recording several episodes. I LOVE taping our podcasts but they take a ton of thought, energy and time so it made my week heavy on research and studio time versus event planning, marketing and all things store related (ordering supplies, analyzing analytics, looking over vendor applications, etc.).



One fun new thing that happened this week is our new front window display! DeAnna handmade all of it from the huge sunburst design to the crochet quilt covered clouds. It’s a ’70s bohemian summer dream and 100% our tagline of “handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind”! The inspiration came from a pile of throwback quilts we scored in Canton and the play on “Summer of Love.” I wanted local in the theme and Summer of Local just felt right.

Big props to Grace, too, who designed the groovy vinyls. Together she and DeAnna installed them on a scorching 109-degree days. They are total rock stars! Do not miss this fun installation! It will be up until early September (our windows live 6-8 weeks).



You may have seen my post on Instagram last week about getting my hands dirty. I’m finding lately that my job is becoming more and more about solving problems, managing people and big picture thinking that I miss the little stuff like talking with customers, digging for treasures and crafting! All the things that used to fall on me when we were a small team wearing every single hat.

So over the past couple weeks I’ve taken some time each week to get creative again. From potting plants with seashells and coral from my recent California trip to cutting denim shorts from old Levi’s and hand-framing old fashion sketches, I’ve personally taken on these tasks versus passing them on to the gals. It’s been so fun to just kind of tune out the noise and get crafty again. I know I can’t do much of this, but even a couple hours a week has proved to be really relaxing and fun. I totally recommend it if you feel the same way about your weekly gig and just need a little brain break!

P.S. How stinking cute are our succulent and cactus friends? I potted them in very old handmade terra-cotta pots and topped them with really unique decor from pretty gray coral to unique shells and quartz pieces. Best of all? They’re only $19 to $29! #hellohostessgift



On Wednesday we hosted a really special influencer event with Royal Blue Grocery at the studio. It was so fun! We invited about 20 women in various industries that we really respect and admire. From photographers and editors to bloggers and designers, we filled the studio with a diverse group to see what we’re all about at our new HQ.

Royal Blue and Rose Gold wine graciously hosted with us serving an incredible spread as well as our live podcast guests. The audience got a tour of our new store and studio and also the chance to sit in on a live taping of Fridays with Flea Style. Afterwards, we sipped wine while gifting them a few things from the shop to get a taste of our handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind world.

It was so nice to connect with the creative community and get the word out about what we’re all about!



Like I said earlier, I taped several podcasts this week. One of the most impactful we’ve ever recorded was with attorney and philanthropist Brittany Barnett. It just went live on Friday and is so inspiring and important to listen to. Don’t miss it!

I also got to tape with one of my biggest girl crushes this week: Maryam Montague. I learned about Maryam ten years ago when I wrote about her for an article. Since then, we’ve met up in Marrakesh a couple times and have been dear friends. She is such a huge reason I am who I am today. From inspiring my decor style (which led to an interior design business in my late 20s and early 30s) to shaping some of my world views while visiting her across the planet, she’s just a ball of inspiration and the ultimate #girlboss to me. I seriously could have made this podcast three hours and just hope I do her justice in a mere 45 minute interview. I can’t wait for y’all to listen to this one soon!



My finds from California are officially out on the floor and looking pretty fly if you ask me! From Mexican blankets and African mud cloths to 70s sequin blouses and a huge lot of heart-shaped sunnies, I brought back so much goodness! Do not miss these unique finds (the pink mud cloths are by far my fave!).

Next week I visit First Monday Trade Days for another haul so the store will be brimming with “new” loot just in time to get your digs and closet all cute and cozy for fall.

Ok, off to make my kiddos some pancakes and then get ready to manage the shop today. Come say hi! I’d love to see you.