Statement Makers

Meet the Makers: Bold Creators

These three creators are not afraid of making waves with their bold designs. And we love it!

From cheerful cactus paintings to oversized tassel earrings and eye-popping global threads, these female business owners use color and scale to make a statement with their creations. Learn more about them and find their vibrant pieces shining bright in our store!


Meet the Makers: Bold Creators


A little bit about me:
 Hi, I’m artist Esther Solis-McCord! My style of creativity is not hindered by rules or methods; I believe in allowing my creative style to vary and to freely express all emotions. I place positive energy on the canvas through bright and bold colors that will translate feelings of joy, happiness and fanciful thoughts. I am happy to share my work and a part of me in your space!

What’s your favorite thing about being a small business owner? My favorite thing is knowing that when you take home a piece of my fine art, you’re taking a small piece of me with you. No one in the world will ever have another painting like the one you just bought.

Hopes for your business? My hopes are to share at least one piece of my art work with someone in all 50 states! I believe every home, office or space deserves a little piece of happiness, and my paintings can accomplish that!

Beach or mountains? Both. I thrive on beautiful cloudy days, but the sun is nice too.

Currently listening to: Classic country is my jam.

Dream vacation destination: Somewhere that includes both the mountains and the sea.

Follow: @esthermccordart

Meet the Makers: Bold Creators


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A little about me: Hi, I’m Vio DeRidder! Vio Custom Collections is an eclectic gathering of merchandise – art, jewelry, home décor, clothing – personally selected or crafted by me that represents my cultural heritage and artistic whimsy. The origin of my products ranges from Oaxaca and India to America’s Southwest region and Mexico.

Favorite thing about being a small business owner? I am able to share things I love, enrich other’s lives, support myself financially and express my creativity.

Something only your bestie knows about you? She will never tell! But, she may share some of my embarrassing phobias or “fun” memories we have made together while traveling abroad.

Beach or mountains? Beach beach beach! The Mexico and California coasts bring back fond childhood memories.

Currently listening to: Opera and Italian online classes.

Dream dinner guest: Frida Kahlo. I would like to pick her brain about what it was like to be a rebel and a trend-setter who made such a difference and had a long lasting impact on her culture. Plus, we are both artists and I think she must have had a great sense of humor.

Follow: @viocustomcollections

Meet the Makers: Bold Creators


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A little about me: Hi, I’m Courtney Vetters! I truly believe there is no better way to spice up a look than with some great statement jewelry! With styles and trends changing so often, I always try to keep my designs evolving, prices low and quality high. These have been the three foundations of Courtney Ray that have evolved the brand into what it is today!

Something only your bestie knows about you? I am a huge Harry Potter nerd!

Currently listening to: Garth Brooks radio, on repeat!

Dream vacation destination: All of South America! Seems reasonable right?

Follow: @courtneyrayjewelry


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