Britt’s Picks: A Sad Goodbye and Happy Flea Haul


This past week was a total rollercoaster. It started with a tour of The Star in Frisco with the entire team on Monday. We met with our contacts at the Cowboys to game plan our fall shows from logistics and marketing to vendor layout and parking plans.

My team enjoyed seeing the space in person and dreaming up fun elements and activations for our Saturday events this September and December. After we completed our meeting, I took the girls to lunch to toast our new market — and talk all about DeAnna’s new bun in the oven. Yes, she’s expecting a little bean next March!



Save the dates: Our fall 2018 Market at The Star shows will be Saturday September 8th and December 1st. Both shows sold out in less than a week so now we’re working on vendor relations, fun marketing graphics and all the things on our end to ensure this is a fabulous show for shoppers and our makers.



This week we hosted one of our final live podcast tapings for season 3 of Fridays with Flea Style. We had Dallas artist Mel Remmers on and she drew quite the crowd! It was an honor to help tell Mel’s incredible story that starts as an unexpected mom of twins hustling to make ends meet to a flourishing second career as a self-taught artist in her 40s after beating cancer.

Every one of our podcast subjects are inspiring and empowering — that’s why we have them on and want to tell their stories. But this one is a little different because it’s a tale of reinvention and second life. This podcast’s main subject is something I think so many people need to hear no matter their age or profession. DO NOT miss this amazing episode when it airs later this month!



This week we were low on vintage clothing so I took the matter into my own hands and hit the streets to snag some finds while waiting for more vendor loot to roll in. I scored big time sourcing everything from vintage tees (do not miss the MTV one; it’s my fave!) and old army jackets to vintage London Fog and Anne Klein lovelies. We’ve already started putting the pieces on the floor so come down and see them. If you’re not local, direct message us via Instagram if you see something you like and we’ll shoot you a link to purchase lickety-split. We do it all the time at all hours (last night I sent a link to a Marfa shopper for some gold cocktail glasses while watching 20/20 with my hubs!).



A couple weeks ago Emily, our director of operations, let us know she was leaving to work for her dad. She has been with us since January helping with everything from admin work and vendor relations for shows to being my right hand on anything and everything.

I will miss her dearly as she has the biggest heart and smile around. But, I’m thrilled for her new adventure and to work alongside her dad. Training started this week for our new hire (we promoted within the company) and so a lot of my week was spent on figuring out next steps and processes to make the transition smooth and as headache-free as possible for all.




After a very long week between Frisco meetings, a late night podcast, Emily’s farewell/job transition, etc., I let my hair down and hit the open roads for First Monday Trade Days to shop for the store. I brought our summer intern Ashlynn along and we tore it up in the fields.

The show was actually really really slow and empty so I was a little worried at first that there wouldn’t be much merch. However, we hit the goldmine scoring everything from shabby mirrors and aged brass bookends to loads of fun display pieces for the store to show off our cool loot.

As we’ve settled into a groove in the store, we’ve found things we’re lacking or need to display items better. I’m so glad we didn’t invest a ton up front in displays because I bet we wouldn’t use several of them. But taking our time we’ve realized we needed a lot more jewelry fixtures (same goes for small standing mirrors since our baubles are spread throughout the store) as well as things to show off blankets and textiles better.

Man did we score in all of these departments and more! I’m so excited to place them around the store and play with the out-of-the-box things we found. I’m especially excited to play with a vintage metal mesh ironing board (hello, handbag display) and shutter that we’ll cover in earrings.

Today I manage the store and hope to have some time to start playing with our new stuff. It will all be out by tomorrow so hurry down to the store to score my Canton pieces if any speak to you. They always go fast!

I’m also excited to watch our embroidery workshop from afar this afternoon. I wanted to take the class but need to manage with a couple sales girls out of town. Next time! Come see Jess and me today from noon to 5 p.m.!