Britt’s Picks: A Big Giveaway + Departure

Britt’s Picks: A Big Giveaway + Departure

Since opening the store, my weeks have become a blur. I’ve worked nearly every single day to figure out operations with this new platform and also to make sure that we launch with as little issues as possible.

Working so many days straight has started to take it’s toll a bit both from a mom guilt standpoint (I miss my munchkins!) and a physical health standpoint (lots of headaches lately). So this week I took my first steps towards balance and self-care.

Two days this week I took off early to hang with my kids and do end-of-summer things (hello frozen yogurt dates and back to school shopping). I also made a doctor’s appointment for the first time in years for a good ol’ checkup. It felt good to take some time for myself and my family. I’m definitely going to continue to carve out personal time and strive towards more work/life balance as we get our sea legs in the store more and more.

Of course just when I make a real conscious effort to strive for balance as I feel confident in my team and operations holding down the fort without me on site, two employees are leaving. Enter all the sad face and crying emojis….

Last Thursday was our part-time operations guru’s last day and at the end of this month DeAnna — our Retail Director — is leaving for another adventure as she prepares for baby number two. Not only did both of these women rock at their jobs, but they were such a part of our Flea Style family. I’m so excited for their next chapters, but also now in a crazy place trying to hire and train new rock stars to fill their big shoes.

Such is small business life…. And I’m such a believer that everything happens for a reason that I know when the dust settles I will see why the cards fell this way. But, in the meantime, back to no work/life balance figuring everything out…


Mel Remmers Podcast Giveaway

All that said, there were some major highlights this week! Our amazing podcast with artist Mel Remmers went live as well as a really cool giveaway for one of her hand-painted prints. The response to this Fridays with Flea Style episode has been overwhelming and we’re so honored to share Mel’s heart-warming and empowering story. If you haven’t listened, click here!


Allison Crawford Podcast

On Tuesday, I got to sit down with my friend Allison Crawford for one of our final Season 3 episodes of Fridays with Flea Style. She drove in from Austin and we had the best time chatting for an hour about her interior design business and boutique retreat company HOTELette. After we wrapped, we grabbed dinner and it was just what I needed after a long day. Sometimes a couple margaritas and delicious bites with a buddy is just what the doctor ordered! Allison’s episode goes live later this month. Don’t miss it! She’s such a rock star with so much good advice to share. She started selling copy machines on Wall Street for goodness sake!


Mint and Maple Workshop

Our studio has been jam-packed with workshops lately and my heart is SO full. Wednesday we had a private painting workshop with a cool Texas company called Mint and Maple. On Thursday we hosted our first class in our Small Biz Boot Camp series all about trademarking. It was a packed house and so informative and inspiring that it went nearly 45 minutes longer than intended. I hope the audience left informed and empowered to either start their big idea or take their business to the next level with proper legal action. I know I sure learned a lot!


Market at The Star Event Planning

Our Market at The Star event is less than a month away! We’re so excited and planning like crazy to make it fun, unique and engaging. From a groovy photo backdrop to unique vendors and activations on site, we have so much cooking. Save the date: September 8th is our first Frisco show and we’d LOVE to see you! Expect tons of cool giveaways (hello Cowboys tickets!), drink specials and vendor appearances. Stay tuned!


Behind The Scenes at Our Flea Style Shoot

We’re starting to add more and more products to (follow us at @shopfleastyle if you don’t already!) as we’re settling into the store and getting our paws on more amazing product than ever! We have a cool collection of scarves and bolo ties going live Tuesday. Nearly every single item is from my recent First Monday Trade Days haul. They’re some good stuff y’all; don’t miss these pretty pieces!

Yesterday I was manager at the store and was shocked at how many people showed up given the crazy weather and thunderstorms. Although I hate being away from my family, I love connecting with customers and also seeing all of the product up close and personal versus from afar behind my desk. It was a great day and I’m so thankful for everyone that is supporting our brick-and-mortar and vendors.

Today we have a lot cooking from free sangria all day to an alcohol ink painting class with local artist Kristen Jasper. I’m going to pop in to check on all the fun and then take some much needed time with my fam.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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