Britt’s Picks: Highlights + Headaches

Well, this week turned out a lot differently than planned. That’s. For. Sure.

Early in the week we got word from the Cowboys that the weather report wasn’t looking great (having a chief meteorologist on staff has its perks). We told our vendors we’d make a final decision by Thursday and literally waited until the very last minute to make the call.

The weather just looked too dicey to feel good about keeping the show on the books. Not just for our Saturday event, but also for our Friday night travelers (we had several making quite a trek for the show)! So, I emailed all the vendors Thursday night personally and got scrambling Friday on 1,001 things from vendor relations to cancelling movers, lunch deliveries, a U-Haul and lots more. Grace got working immediately on changing signage and uploading new details asap to help control the messaging.

We had pulled everything we were packing on the U-Haul from the floor so we spent much of Friday putting it back out for our weekend rush. To put it bluntly, Friday was no fun at all. Well… it was a little fun (more on that below)!


Market at the Star September 22, 2018Market at The Star is now 9/22/18


Yes, save the date. Market at The Star has been rescheduled to Saturday September 22nd from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Nothing has changed other than five vendors cannot make the new date so there will be a few fresh faces. But other than that, all of the amazing details and activations beyond the 34 top-notch vendors we’ve curated remains. We hope you’ll join us in two weeks!


Charlotte Jones Interview


Last week did have some major highlights amid the chaos. On Tuesday I interviewed Charlotte Jones for our podcast Fridays with Flea Style. She was a total dream!

If you haven’t tuned into this episode, it’s a must listen. From divulging private stories about the early Cowboys days to some seriously good business advice, she was so candid and generous with info. I’m so glad we got to have this inspiring conversation and really hope y’all enjoy it whether you’re a football fan or not.


Big Staff Changes


This week was big on celebrations in office. Tuesday was Grace’s birthday as well as DeAnna’s last day and Hillary’s first day full-time in DeAnna’s old role. Wednesday was Carolyn’s first day on the job as our new visual coordinator. I have to admit, all of the changes are a little overwhelming!

It’s all good, it’s just a lot to pause everything for so much training. That said, everyone has really adjusted and absorbed all the info really well and I feel so good about our growing team!


New Vendor Love


Another highlight this week was when our vendors brought bushels of new product! Last week’s Mimosa Walk and sale cleared us out so it was perfect timing for new product and lots of eye candy.

From embroidered tunics and dusters in warm fall hues to unique vintage home decor, we received so many gems. We’ve already put everything on the floor so hurry and visit us to snag some of the goodness!


Private Party Vibes


On Wednesday night our studio was transformed into a formal tea party for a posh 25th birthday. This group knew how to party! They shut the place down at midnight after enjoying an evening full of delicious food and sips.

It’s been so fun to watch people transform our studio space and celebrate special events inside. Today we have a floral arranging workshop; Thursday we have a small business course. Watching all of these events unfold and bring the community together in our little corner of the world is seriously one of my favorite parts of this company.


Brittany Cobb and Rachel Lindsay

Friday Night Lights


Friday night I still booked it to Frisco (in torrential rain) to attend Charlotte Jones’ launch party for The Studio, a vendor in our market. The Studio is a curated collection of clothing and jewelry that is Cowboys inspired, but cool and not in your face “game day” looking.

Our dear Flea Style pal and vendor All The Wire was there so it was great to see Tori and Des stamping away on brass cuffs. I also bumped into Flea Style pal Alanna Sarabia from Good Morning Texas.

My favorite part of the night though was meeting Rachel Lindsey from The Bachelorette. We have been talking to her team for months about getting her on the podcast. I beelined it over to her to tell her we really want to have her on and want to tie the booking up in a bow.

She was a doll. And so cool! I can’t wait to have her on the podcast because she’s an open book and ready to talk all the things!

After the party I met the team for dinner for our official send off for DeAnna. It was bittersweet but she’s still freelancing for us so we all haven’t seen the last of our sweet D.

So, although the week was a bit cray, it ended on a fun note. And, it freaking POURED Saturday so I’m thrilled we pushed back the market to keep all of our vendors safe.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and to see you in the store soon. Come say hi!


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