Style Your Shelf Like A Natural

How to Style a Shelf - Shop Flea Style New Arrivals

Tired of staring at that blank shelf at home? Or worse, that bookcase collecting dust and bad picture frames from college?

We have the easiest styling advice ever for turning a lackluster little nook into an eye-popping pocket in your pad. Follow these four simple steps and you’ll be taking a #shelfie to share on Instagram in no time.

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Vintage Books - How to Style a Shelf

Vintage Reader’s Digest Book Bundle – $24


Every bookshelf needs, well, books. We love a vintage stack of Reader’s Digest tomes with binds as interesting as the stories inside. Lean then upright between unique bookends to show off the colorful spines or lay them flat and show off the gorgeous geometric or floral patterns on the front and back.


Antlers - How to Style a Shelf

Antler Accent Piece – $16


Maybe it’s our Texas roots, but we love a little antler moment in our shelfie game. These naturally shed pieces of sculpture add an instant touch of laid back luxe if you ask us. Top a bookstack with a bleached antler piece or lay it along near some taller pieces for layered interest.


Crystal Geodes - How to Style a Shelf

Medium White Crystal Geode – $34


Every shelf needs a little sparkle. Look no further than our crystal geode pieces unearthed in the fields of East Texas. Cluster a few crystals together to pack a style punch or place one on top of your favorite magazine stack or coffee table tome.


Textiles - How to Style a Shelf

Vintage Pink Southwestern Rug – $78


Texture is always an important shelfie element. From woven picture frames to wicker baskets, you can score texture in tons of places. One unexpected way to layer some in is through a nubby blanket or folded wool textile. We love this fringe number tucked on a shelf to easily grab when the temps cool and you need a little something to snuggle up with alongside your favorite fall read.

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