Meet the Maker: Modified Home Vintage Furniture + Decor

Allison Treadway Bonifay stole our hearts last year when she set up a gorgeous boho-chic meets ’70s modern booth at our fall Dallas show dripping with wicker shelves, vintage glassware, aged brass accents and woven baskets galore.

Today, Allison is a Flea Style friend popping up at our shows, having product in our store and even joining us for the occasional glass of wine after hours during studio workshops and parties. As we’ve gotten to know the new mom, we’re just in awe of her hard work to build her side business (which was inspired by our Flea Style Summit — more on that later!) while raising her baby girl.

We know you’ll adore this flea market lovin’ lady with a killer design eye as much as we do. Learn a bit about her awesomeness below and come shop our store today for her amazing vintage finds. Hurry, her stuff doesn’t last on our floor long!

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How did you discover Flea Style? I went to a Flea Style show in 2013 shortly after I moved to Dallas! I bought some amazing pieces including my first kantha blanket! A few years later, I attended a Flea Style Summit, which at the time was a creative conference to help business owners or people get inspired. I went on a whim and by myself which I never do and left out of that conference really wishing I had something of my own. I wasn’t sure what that might be, but I knew I wanted to create or pursue a different career. Their slogan for the conference was “never quit your daydream” and it’s something I still tell myself!


How did you get into slinging beautiful vintage pieces? We moved from New York in 2012 and bought our first home in Dallas. We had no furniture to our name and once we started to furnish our home we were quickly disappointed realizing how much money it was going to cost us to get the new pieces we wanted. I started to look at other secondhand outlets to find unique pieces that were more budget-friendly. Once I started sourcing vintage I couldn’t stop! Fast forward to a few years later and I had more vintage items than we needed so I began to slowly sell my treasures!


How would you describe your style? My style for my home is a mix of mid-century modern with some boho sprinkled in! Our goal was to keep things casual and practical but to also curate items that are funky. Modified Home’s style is similar to mine, but I probably bring in funkier items that I wish my husband would allow in our house! Being married means compromising on decorating and you can only sneak in so many items before they get noticed.


You’re a new mommy! How do you juggle it all? I find the most challenging part of owning your own business and having a kiddo is knowing when it’s time to shut down work and focus on family. There needs to be a balance! I may lose out on getting some pieces but staying at home and grabbing a few extra cuddles while my baby is a baby is totally worth it! Outside of that time management, asking for help when you need it and having a kick-ass husband who is always willing to muscle any task to keep my dream alive are key!


Craziest thing you’ve ever found to sell (or keep)? I recently was able to get my hands on a Milo Baughman brass étagère with an expandable bottom. It’s been a dream piece of mine for as long as I can remember! It was listed as a gold china hutch for $40! I immediately messaged the seller and much to my surprise it was still available. My awesome husband jumped in the car and drove two hours outside of Dallas to scoop it up. It’s one of those pieces I’m not sure I’ll ever get my hands on again so for now it’s going to stay at our house.

How long have you been sourcing vintage? I’ve been sourcing vintage furniture for myself since 2012 but I’ve been going to flea markets since I was a little girl with my mom. We would load up and go to Scotts — Atlanta’s big monthly outdoor market — and that’s truly where my love for sourcing cool pieces began.


Tips for people that want to layer vintage home decor into their life? Keep an eye out for vintage pieces that speak to you! Every vintage item has a story to tell and I firmly believe that mixing the old with new makes a home more unique. Give yourself the freedom to pair up the unexpected.

What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve had since starting this business? My biggest challenge was just getting over the initial fear and hump to get started. It’s a big risk to put yourself out there and hope that your passion is well received. There was always a reason to why it wasn’t a good time or questioning if I would be able to keep the business going. Two years later, we are still juggling things but we have found our groove. I’m beyond proud that we have grown the business together as a family and every single bit of it organically. I would have loved to have had a marketing budget or a warehouse or financial advisor but that just wasn’t in the cards with our limited budget. We have had to learn to run our business efficiently and keep in mind there are always going to be hurdles along the way. Learning from those hurdles is the real challenge but it makes your business stronger and better afterwards.


Dream vintage piece you’d like to find? My husband and I have been on the search for an original Herman Miller Eames chair for years now. It’s just a timeless piece I would love to have in our home and pass down in our family.

If money was no object, what would you splurge on? Top of the list would be a home on White Rock Lake! We absolutely love East Dallas and having a home overlooking the lake with a view of downtown Dallas would be perfect.


What material possession would you save if your home was on fire? Oh wow that’s a toughie! My husband and I have a keepsake box that has some of our most personal possessions like our cards to each other from the past seven years, our daughter’s baby sonograms, wedding invites and so much more. I would be totally heartbroken if we lost the contents!

Any tips for cleaning or preserving vintage furniture? Honestly, I rarely “clean up” vintage pieces. I prefer to keep the aged look and allow the piece to keeps its personality versus making it perfect!


What does your picture-perfect day off look like? Hanging at home with my husband and daughter! I’m totally a homebody! We love jamming records, impromptu dance parties, cooking “nice meals,” and of course catching up on shows!

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