Boho Chic Photoshoot with Celeb Stylist Daniel Blaylock

Celeb stylist (and Season 4 Fridays with Flea Style podcast guest) Daniel Blaylock took over our studio and store recently for a boho-chic photo shoot featuring our clothing and accessories and his gorgeous hair and makeup skills.

“This shoot was a collaborative effort with a few goals in mind,” says Daniel. “One was bringing my trademarked “Dallifornia” aesthetic to Flea Style where Dallas-meets-California retro magic thrives!”

According to Daniel, Dallifornia style means a marriage of Dallas’ signature glam look with the effortlessness vibe of California. Translation: Think glowy skin, touchable imperfect hair, and breezy fashions that transport you to a very specific place and time without looking too costume. It’s no surprise some of Daniel’s greatest inspirations come from the 60’s and 70’s and iconic bohemian creatives such as Brigitte Bardot, Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks.

We gave Daniel free reign to pull looks from our vendors for the shoot. Our beachy caftans, boho dresses and lacy numbers were perfect for the shoot’s vibe. Same goes for our chunky bracelets, gemstone rings and vintage brooches (which he even used as hair clips).

“I smile knowing that some of the pieces we shot come from makers and independent artists just like us,” says Daniel. “For me, that is what passion projects are all about: joining creative forces and producing a body of work that fulfills every person involved.”

See some of our favorite photos below from this magical shoot featuring looks available in store now!

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Come shop our store for these boho-chic looks! We’re located at 3009 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226. And don’t miss Daniel’s podcast. It’s so good! Check it out along with other Fridays with Flea Style episodes on iTunes here.

Photos by Stephanie Rose Photography; Model: Stephanie Ludwig with Campbell Agency in Dallas.