Meet Our Retail + Wholesale Director, Hannah Franklin

Meet Our Retail + Wholesale Director, Hannah Franklin

The minute we met Hannah Franklin, we knew we wanted to have her on our team. Her four years with our friends at Favor The Kind positioned her perfectly for a new Retail and Wholesale Director position we were designing. She was literally born for this role after learning the retail ropes from the sales floor and managing side to buying product for various categories.

As we open a second store and fine-tune our Deep Ellum location after a year in business, Hannah will help every step of the way retail-wise from developing sales staff and company best-practices to perfecting our customer experience. But, her biggest job will be developing our new wholesale line from the ground up!

This year, we are launching a wholesale lifestyle brand with our makers! We will design products that our vendors will craft and then we wholesell across the country to boutiques and stores that want a piece of the Flea Style brand. We’re so excited to further support our makers and shoppers that want a piece of our handmade and vintage vibe all over the US!

From developing the product to designing our warehouse for this venture, Hannah will have her hand in every part of it. We’re honored to give her the keys to unlock this fun chapter in our story and know she will shine doing it!

Get to know this amazing gal below and be sure to tell her hi next time you’re at our HQ!

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Tell us about your personal life in 300 words or less: I grew up in a small town in South Texas called Victoria and was on the drill team and did competitive dancing for about 12 years. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising. I am a total Aquarius when it comes to my personal life. I’m constantly on the go, whether it’s planning my next adventure, brunching with friends, or attending a music fest—anything social sign me up! If it were up to me, I would travel every day of my life. Something about being in a new city, meeting strangers and trying new things totally fuels my wanderlust soul.

Why did you want to work for Flea Style? I have been following the Flea Style brand for a few years and have attended both shows and Summit. I love the Flea Style mission and what it stands for. Supporting small businesses is something I have always been passionate about and it was important to me to stay in the small business world. Flea style is a growing brand filled with boss babes who are totally killing the game. After hearing about Flea Style’s expansion plans and future endeavors I couldn’t help myself but to be giddy about the opportunity to work alongside these creative individuals and take on the challenge of expanding the brand into new markets.

What are you most excited about regarding your new role? I am most excited about getting to work with all the amazing vendors that are already part of the Flea Style family to create products that our customers are going to love. I think working with vendors on a different level and being able to collaborate and create even more products our customers are going to love is going to be a game changer. I believe it’s going to be full of challenges and rewards and I can’t wait to see where it all lands.

What are you pumped to bring to the brand? I know it’s going to be a fun adventure being able to bring my retail and buying experience to the Flea Style brand and to see how it all meshes together. It’s such a different mind set and business model compared to what I know from my past work experiences. I think there’s going to be some things that work and some that don’t and I am excited tot see how it all unfolds. I think the most exciting aspect of it all is coming up with a way to bridge the wholesale and retail sides together that embodies the Flea Style brand.

Now, some personal stuff! What is something only your bestie knows about you? I was homeschooled until I was a freshman in high school because my parents were traveling musicians. I grew up with a laid back lifestyle where my parents always encouraged my sister and I to pursue our passions and do what makes us happy. I attribute my upbringing to my creative style and passions.

How would you describe your style? My style definitely depends on my mood. It can range anywhere from a band tea, floral kimono and jeans to a boho maxi dress and booties. One thing’s for sure: I will most likely always be wearing a hat!

Favorite places to shop? I wouldn’t consider myself a huge “shopper.” You wont ever catch me at a big mall on a shopping spree. I am definitely a wander-into-a-small-little-thrift-shop kind of gal. I am all about the staples but picking up some fun things from my travels is hands-down my favorite way to shop.

What would we find you doing on the weekend? You’ll rarely ever find me alone on a weekend, I love to be surrounded by friends and family. Whether it’s wandering around Deep Ellum at an art fair, checking out the newest restaurant in town, or going to a concert, I am basically always out and about. I’m a social butterfly and thrive in an engaging environment.

If your closet was on fire, what would you grab and why? As much as I possibly could! I’m not even going to lie, I would probably risk my life for a few staple pieces I love like my bright kimonos and vintage jackets.

Dream hour-long mentorship session would be with… I grew up watching Sex and the City and was a total Carrie Bradshaw fan from day one. To this day, I still watch re-runs and continue to fan girl over everything she wears. She is a total boss and has impeccable style.

Why are you passionate about shopping small and working with small labels? I come from a family of small business owners and it’s always been so inspiring for me to watch my parents and other small business owners pour their heart into something and then get to watch it grow and thrive. On a consumer level, I love knowing my purchase is in some form or fashion helping that business succeed. Both working and shopping from small business is such an intimate experience and to me you just can’t get that from shopping big box stores.

What are your hopes and goals for your role at Flea Style? I hope to bring the Flea Style brand to an even bigger audience in a huge way. There’s something really special about creating something that I know is going to spark joy in someone’s life. Whether that’s an outfit piece that makes someone feel beautiful, art that will make someone smile every time they pass it in their home, or a unique item that makes the perfect gift. Flea Style is like a secret treasure hunt where you never know what you are going to find and I want to continue to keep that feel throughout the products we create.


Wake up time: If I am going to the gym then 6:30 a.m., if not 8:30 a.m.

Bedtime: I am such a night owl; it’s usually between midnight and 2 a.m.

Coffee or tea? Coffee all the way! I like to add sugar-free vanilla with coconut milk.

Last meal on earth would be: Tacos! Chicken Tikka from Velvet Taco, please.

Currently listening to: My music taste ranges from Charley Crockett and Kacey Musgraves to Beyonce depending on my mood.

Handmade or vintage: Both! But if I was forced to choose it would be vintage.

Celebrity crush: This changes all the time, right now I am watching Suits and I am a huge Harvey Specter fan.

Dream vacation destination? This is a hard one, there are so many places on my bucket list. A few options would be Morocco, Mykonos or South Africa.

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