Welcome to The Team, Kimberly + Brehn!

We recently welcomed two new rockstars to our team! Meet Director of Operations Kimberly Jones and our new Dallas Retail Manager Brehn Hanson!

Kimberly hails from Hermosa Beach, California but now calls Lake Highlands home with her husband, three step children (they’re triplets!) and their two-year old son Locke. Brehn is a Plano gal born and raised and now lives in Dallas with her dog Marty.


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Tell us about your personal life in 300 words or less:

Kimberly: I was born and raised along with my twin brother in Hermosa Beach by my father, an LAPD cop and mother who worked at my elementary school. I spent my days hanging on the beach, playing volleyball, surfing and listening to music. My father had a booth in an antique mall; our house was filled with collectibles ranging from a jukebox to old surf guitars. After college I moved to Dallas on a whim and began working for a radio station, which lead me to a stint in New York City working for a booking agency for bands. I returned to Dallas and worked in the marketing department for the Granada Theater. After working in the music scene for most of my 20s, I shifted my focus and started working at social media and content marketing agencies. My husband Joshua is the General Manager of a radio station and we have a two-year-old son Locke and 15-year-old triplets from his previous marriage. Our furkids are an Australian Shepherd and Goldendoodle!

Brehn: I’m a simple Texas gal that loves God, family, friends, animals, music, connecting with people and helping others. I have made plenty of bad decisions in my past, but count them as blessings in disguise — life lessons — that have helped shape me into who I am and how I show up today. I’m an introvert at times, but mostly an extrovert who loves to be silly, outgoing, bold and try new things. I am loud and proud about my five year of sobriety, dog Marty (aka my bestie), how much I love my mom and that I have more tattoos than I can count. I’m on the board of a non-profit recovery center start up called PAX. I love getting together with my community of women there once a week to help each other overcome hurdles, hangups and hardships. My motto is “virtus tentamine gaudet” which means strength rejoices in the challenge.



Why did you want to work for Flea Style?

Kimberly: I’ve attended Flea Style events for years and have been an avid podcast listener and love what Brittany has done with the brand. Not only has she been able to tell her company’s story, but she is also giving a platform and space for other businesses to tell theirs while increasing their awareness and exposure. Flea Style has the ability to not only transform customers’ styles, but is also transforming the way in which people think about business. Whether it’s talking about being a working mother or partnering with like-minded brands, the podcast has so many sound nuggets to offer listeners and I’ve already learned a ton, just being a consumer of the content. The idea that I can be part of this team and help hold down the first (so to speak) while Brittany takes on the world is one of the most exciting challenges I have ever had in my life and I cannot wait to be part of the greatness that she is creating.

Brehn: I love knowing that I’m supporting the creatives and dreamers out there perusing their passions. It’s exciting to be able to share that with Dallas and help others express their style and creative minds with the vendors’ unique finds and creations. Not to mention being able to work with a team of total boss babes!

What are you most excited about regarding your new role?

Kimberly: Flea Style is growing at such fast pace with the expansion into Frisco and restaurants; it’s not every day you get to be part of a company and lifestyle brand that is seeing the kind of immediate growth. I am excited to collaborate with the Flea Style team, work with the small businesses they support and find ways to continue to move the brand into different spaces. I cannot wait to get to know the shoppers and assist in creating a space where people are not only coming to make purchases, but they are coming in for a unique experience.

Brehn: To help grow the Flea Style brand and get others as excited about it as I am, as well as soaking up any and all knowledge from my amazing teammates. Another cool perk is the opportunity to meet and work with all the wonderful and talented vendors.




How would you describe your style?

Kimberly: My style is fairly casual and laid back and probably traces back to growing up in California. I prefer to find pieces that I can mix and match and wear for a while. One day I may in bellbottoms, an oversized hat and fringe jacket and then next in black skinny jeans, a black motorcycle jacket and checkerboard Vans. At the end of the day, I prefer to be comfortable and wear something that makes me feel good, rather than wear something that’s trendy.

Brehn: It depends on what time I wake up in the morning, but whether its an early morning or a late one, my look is pretty casual, comfy and boho.

If you could have an hour-long mentorship session with somebody, who would it be and why?

Kimberly: I would like to meet with Sara and Erin Foster and hear more about what they are doing as Heads of Creative for Bumble BFF. Not only would it be the most entertaining and sarcastic hour-long meeting ever, but I would love to hear how they are helping create the lifestyle brand, their plan for growth, how they work as sisters and their vision for the future.

Brehn: Gordon Ramsey, because he’s a beast! Or Jordan Lee Dooley, an amazing woman who writes and speaks about the raw parts and deep truths life can hand you.



What are your hopes and goals for your role at Flea Style?

Kimberly: I believe in what Flea Style is doing both for small business owners as well as local Dallas entrepreneurs and my goal is to help expand the reputation both locally and nationally, while giving a voice to those who may not have the opportunity to do so. I hope I can contribute while being a servant leader to the team, explore new partnerships and ultimately support Brittany as she continues to explore new opportunities.

Brehn: To spread the joy of Flea Style into others’ lives, get to know and create relationships with our vendors and customers and to learn and grow personally and professionally as much as I can!



Wake up time:

Kimberly: 6 a.m. I like to be as productive as I can before work: work out, get ready for the day, knock out to do’s, answer emails, take care of the family… Plus, it’s my “me” time.

Brehn: Between 7 and 8:45 a.m. But if my alarm isn’t set, anywhere between 8 a.m. and noon!


Kimberly: Around 10 p.m. but I remember the days I didn’t even go out until after 10 p.m.!

Brehn: I’m a night owl, so anywhere between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Coffee or tea?

Kimberly: Coffee — a grande skinny vanilla latte.

Brehn: Strong black coffee, preferably iced but I’ll take it in whatever form I can get it.

Last meal on earth would be:

Kimberly: A Baja Wrap from Board + Brew with their amazing “special sauce.” I have no clue what the special sauce is, but I’m not asking questions.

Brehn: Sweet potatoes and barbecue chips!

Currently listening to: 

Kimberly: I am all over the place! But my favorites are The Avett Brothers, Frightened Rabbitt, Old Crow Medicine Show, Branches, Sleigh Bells, Dawes, The National and Josh Ritter. I also support local radio stations like the one my husband runs, 95.3 The Range as well as The Ticket.

Brehn: 70’s-00’s and worship music.

Handmade or vintage?

Kimberly: Both! I find value and meaning in the story behind the pieces and not just the items themselves. Whether it’s the original clothing maker, someone refurbishing furniture or the individual carrying an item someone else passed down to them, I love learning of its history!

Brehn: Both!

Celebrity crush?

Kimberly: Blake Lively

Brehn: Jodie Comer and Johnny Bananas

Dream vacation destination?

Kimberly: Switzerland

Brehn: Any vacation would be nice, but any part of South Asia would be pretty cool.

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