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Shop Talk: Meet Our New Art Mural + Plant Bar!

Last week was our biggest week of progress yet! Grace completed the art mural … Read More

Shop Talk: Plans, Plants + Paint

Last week was a big one. We officially welcomed our Director of Operations, Kimberly … Read More

Shop Talk: Hello, Heirloom Haul + Cowboys Collection

So. Much. Happened. Last. Week!!! After 18 months of pulling up to our second … Read More

Shop Talk: Frisco Move + Flea Market Finds

It’s been one week since we announced our new Frisco home, and we haven’t … Read More

Shop Talk: Flea Style’s Next Location Is…

Last year at this time, we were detailing our Deep Ellum store construction and … Read More

Shop Talk: Grand Opening Weekend Is Here!

I can’t believe opening weekend is here. I am filled with a million emotions … Read More

Shop Talk: T Minus One Week!

Do you know how to slow down time? If so, please share with us … Read More

Shop Talk: Store Install + Floor Set

It’s paint clothes and dirty hair — make that dirty everything — all day … Read More

Shop Talk: New Hires + Grand Opening Prep

We’re currently in the eye of the retail opening storm! On Wednesday we officially … Read More

Shop Talk: It’s All Happening!

So, I’m officially living at the building. I’m seriously considering putting snacks in the … Read More

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