At Home with Brittany Cobb

At Home with Brittany Cobb

Yesterday, The Dallas Morning News published an article on the way I live with flea market finds at home.

I thought y'all might enjoy seeing some of my favorite pieces up close and personal. Many items hail from Flea Style shows past while others were uncovered while traveling or combing local flea markets.

Disclaimer: I have loads of new stuff inside my home too -- West Elm,, Horchow, HomeGoods and One Kings Lane are all places I frequent -- but this story is about the old stuff.

My home is filled, filled, filled floor to ceiling (I admit, I'm a total maximalist) with vintage, handmade and unique items. I've narrowed down a handful of nooks and crannies inside my crib that make me smile to share with you.

For the full newspaper article, click here.

Above: I bought the Louis Vuitton suitcase a few years ago at a Flea Style show. I turned it into a coffee table after stacking it on an antique trunk. Both top an antique Moroccan rug I bought in Marrakech last spring. 


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Three years ago, my husband and I celebrated my 30th birthday with my dream trip to Marrakech and Paris. (I'm so in love with Morocco's food, shopping and culture that I've since been back.) We spent two weeks combing the ancient markets and stalls across both cities.  Some of my favorite souvenirs include these African amber beaded necklaces and vintage geometric rug with the most wonderful wear and tear.

My coffee table is topped with lots of funky finds. The brown wood box hides all of my matches from my toddlers. I scored it at Canton a couple years ago. The silver and horn tray is a Flea Style find from a former vendor that has since moved back to Argentina.

I have a vintage glassware problem. I can't get enough of the stuff.  I use it for everyday glasses, vases and even storage for things like makeup brushes and sugar packets to make everyday items prettier. Here is a cabinet in my dining room displaying some of my favorite options to turn a dinner party table into a colorful display of fun.  All of these styles are Flea Style booty.


This is my master bath vanity where I attempt to get ready every morning while my toddlers crawl all over me. From the French frame and chair to jewelry and glassware, these items are all Flea Style and flea market finds. I love to mix new -- cararra marble floor, fresh cabinetry, polished nickel hardware -- with chippy dippy loot that creates an overall bohochic vibe.

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Any time I travel home to California, I hit the local flea markets and vintage shops. This black bamboo chandelier scored on one of those trips always reminds me of my beachy roots. Among several things I like to collect are vintage floral oil paintings. The more chipped and crackled the frame, the better!


This is one section of my living room bookshelves. I constantly rotate out items as my mood, collection or seasons change. I would guess 95-percent of these items are from flea markets and travels. I will turn anything into objet d'art including Moroccan door knockers, South American seltzer bottles and even an antique brass and crystal door handle from my grandfather's childhood home that burned down.

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This antique oushak rug is from Flea Style vendor Nomad's Loom. I love the bright unexpected colors and crazy pattern (it's great for hiding kids' crumbs and general messiness!). The old Moroccan table was a former Flea Style purchase.

Not all of my flea finds are old. I adore this cheeky Statue of Liberty painting scored at a New York City pop up. I took the "Ville de Marrakech" sewer drain photo on my first trip to the beloved city and had it framed for our home. I love the geometric pattern and splash of color from the spices that are pushed throughout the streets.

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This guy. He's a Canton, Texas flea market find from many moons ago. He's moved all over my house and wears more jewelry than I do on any given day.

Last year my husband and I visited Buenos Aires. These bowls, plaster motifs and bone pen holder are some of my favorite souvenirs from one of the world's oldest and biggest flea markets.


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If my house was on fire, I would grab that gold mirror after my husband and kiddos. It was my very first Flea Style purchase in 2009 and is still so swoon-worthy and special to me.

These necklaces are from my last trip to Marrakech. Love how they dress up a simple statue, like this Buddha in my home's entry. I've been known to grab these styles to dress up an outfit on my way out the door, too.

I found this lady a few years ago while home in California that sells old jars and decanters topped with relics like shells and crystal crosses. It was love at first sight and I've collected from her each trip home since.


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That shabby chic black console is a Flea Style find from vendor Uptown Country Home. From a birthday bash bar to plant and toy holder, it's lived many lives on our backyard patio.

This lifesize bullfighter makes my heart smile each time I walk by him. I found him in a Puerto Rico street market and had no idea where he would live (at the time I was in a small condo) but knew he needed to be in my life.

I think that's the moral to flea market shopping. Don't overthink purchases if they speak to you. Buy them and figure it out later. Layered, boho, flea market inspired homes have that feel because items don't match in color, theme, era or scale. If you love something to the bone, it will find a place in your home because it means something to you.

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