Brittany's Morocco Adventure

Brittany's Morocco Adventure

Seven years ago, I visited Morocco for the first time and instantly fell in love with the people, food and locally made goods -- especially the goods. The country's unabashed use of color, texture, pattern and materials spoke to me in a very deep way and forever changed the way I decorated and dressed.

I've visited Marrakech a couple times since with family and have continued to layer my finds and memories from these trips into my life. Last week, I took a very different kind of trip to my favorite place on earth with my friend Taylor of Sol Society.

Together we planned a trip that mixed shopping, adventure, cooking and other incredible experiences for a group of ten design lovers that wanted to soak up the souks and all Marrakech has to offer. None of us knew each other, we only had Taylor the host in common. But, through eight days of intimate and intense travel, we left connected like family and bonded friendships built to last a lifetime.

This trip changed my life. It taught me more about myself as mom, wife, daughter and businesswoman than I ever imagined. It also taught me so much about friendship and the importance of continuing to connect with others even when life is so busy and chaotic.

To bottle up this experience in a few hundred words is impossible. But see some of my trip -- and treasures! -- below. And, come to the store this weekend to see them all in person. I spent days curating this collection for our shoppers and hope you enjoy it!



Part of our crew sipping wine before dinner at Berber Lodge set in the countryside about 20 minutes outside the medina. These women are amazing! From left: Me, Marissa (an investment banker/entrepreneur, Caroline (an event planner), Sarah (an interior designer), Taylor (travel agent guru), Coco (a jewelry designer) and Courtney (Favor The Kind's creative director).



From browsing shops to peaceful street scenes, every inch of Marrakech offers a moment to marvel.

Everyday I wore our vendors (well, that's nothing new) around town. Loved sporting this Shell + Pine kimono (we have several in store!) and Vinti head wrap at the YSL museum and riad El Fenn for lunch!


One day we camped in the mountains and woke up to sidecars that sported us to the souks during an exhilarating three-hour ride. Above was a pit stop at a local Kasbah where we drank mint tea and danced in the sunny courtyard.


For three nights, we stayed at the dreamiest riad (that's my room through those doors). After jam-packed days shopping the souks and eating elaborate meals, it was such a nice refuge and inspiring place to recharge.

Before we took off for our trip, I invited our crew to the store to shop some Moroccan inspired finds. Love how these women rocked our one-of-a-kind pieces to fit their very different styles and personalities. It was seriously a pinch-me moment to see them walking through the souks supporting our vendors and store! I mean, how amazing do they look?!



We spent hours and hours rug shopping. I found so many for our customers. Here is just a sliver of the masses of carpets I sifted through for y'all!

My favorite find of the trip! I discovered these handmade clutches made from vintage carpets and accented with giant metal and stone brooches. I bought every single one -- 20 total! -- and hope y'all are as obsessed as me!


I also fell in love with these mosaic hardcase cross body bags. How unique and stunning are they?!


Here is just a sliver of my rug pile. From bold geometric finds to more muted styles, I tried to snag a wide selection of looks.


Planes, trains, automobiles, ATV's, sidecars... camels! We truly took every mode of transportation this trip. On the way to camp night three, we rode camels into the high desert and it was a dream!

Want to hear more about Morocco from Brittany? Read her recent interview with The Simple Sol. Also, don't miss her finds now on the floor at our store! We're open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. If you don't live in Dallas, call us at 469-520-3222 or message us on Instagram to purchase and have items shipped. We ship daily! 

Images provide by Brittany and Fort Lion Studio!

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