Britt's Picks: A New Frisco Market & Flea Haul

Britt's Picks: A New Frisco Market & Flea Haul

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you're enjoying some time off and a little sunshine today.

I will actually be in the store all day working. For the past ten days, my kids have been with my parents in Southern California soaking up the cool breeze and ocean views (yes, I'm quite jealous). Since I'm joining them later this week for a short vacay, I'm working around the clock while they're away. It's amazing how productive I am without two littles in the house! That said, I MISS THEM LIKE MAD and can't wait for sticky kisses, messy faces and Disney movie snuggles again soon.

But, back to business! With July 4th falling on a Wednesday (the store was closed), every day this week felt like a Monday or Friday (anybody else feel this way?!). Weird week vibes aside, we kept grinding because this is actually our busy season. On Monday, we accept our Dallas vendors so we've been deliberating booths, prepping invoices and designing decor. I feel like I say this every show, but I'm so impressed by the amazing talent that applies to have a booth at our pop ups. This show is shaping up to be beautiful, unique and have the most incredible art we've ever seen. I'm. So. Excited!!!

When we launched the store, people asked me often if we'd keep our shows. Heck yeah, we're keeping our shows! Our Dallas event is the backbone of our business. It's where we got our start. It's the place we get to connect with our makers and shakers in the flesh each year. It's the event that brings me most joy.

That said, last February we decided our spring 2018 Houston show would be our last for a while (not quite ready to say forever). We started having a lot of challenges with the event. Our venue's rates went up to the point it was hard to justify the numbers. We also had some little markets in the area take advantage of our show and booked the same dates as ours and literally popped tents outside of our event to feed off our customer. The challenges weren't worth it for us anymore. Plus.... we had started talks on a new market a lot closer to home with far easier logistics. The timing was total kismet and we knew the stars had aligned for a really good change.

At our Houston event, we started quietly telling vendors about the news and feeling out their interest. We are so obsessed with our makers and always lean on them for advice or input when we have new ideas or plans in the works. The feedback was very positive and so we knew we were making the right decision, although we've had to keep it under wraps until now.

Sooo.... Cat's out of the bag! We're launching a new market! It's called Market at The Star and will be in Frisco, Texas. For those of you not familiar with the gorgeous location, it's in North Dallas about 30 minutes north of Dallas at the Dallas Cowboy's World Headquarters. The organization approached us to bring a seasonal outdoor market to the center a handful of times a year. For fall 2018, we will have an event Saturday September 8th and Saturday December 1st. We're thrilled!

Birthing this baby has been a very long process! There are so many logistics to figure out as well as layers of approval. But, the deal is done and our applications will go live this week!

This market is going to be very different than our Dallas show. It's extremely curated starting out with only 30 booths. The entire event is outdoors and has more of an upscale farmer's market feel than boho bazaar like our current show. We're beyond giddy about it and excited to bring our Flea Style flavor to Frisco! Stay tuned for more info soon!

This week we hosted our first flea market haul section in store. It was a huge hit! We're so happy y'all liked it because just about nothing makes me happier than shopping flea markets! Last Friday DeAnna and I shopped First Monday Trade Days for some cool finds to fill the store. We were floored with how much stuff we scooped up in the middle of the blazing hot summer when the show is normally a little lackluster. Not this July! We scored wicker mirrors, groovy tea carts, dozens of oil paintings, incredible wood bead necklaces and so much more!

On Sunday I styled the loot in the store and posted some sneak peeks on Instagram. By Monday morning there were people waiting in the lot to pounce on our pretties! It was so much fun to see so much action on an early Monday morning -- and the reaction to our treasure hunt. We will definitely keep up this monthly tradition so be sure to pencil in the first Monday of each month to be in our store to get first dibs!


This week we rolled out our summer workshops! From watercolor painting and calligraphy courses to floral arranging and embroidery 101, we have so many fun classes on the books for y'all to enjoy! Most of the artists and experts are vendors in our store, so it's also fun for our shoppers to connect with the peeps they're buying in the shop. Click here to see our list of classes!


Last weekend The Dallas Morning News published a story on our store and studio. By Saturday morning, the shop was full of fresh faces that had read the article and wanted to stop in. Unfortunately, I was out of town for a wedding and didn't get to witness it but the team said a ton of cool people popped by including a lot of older gentlemen that weren't sure what we're all about (they left with cards and bandanas, for the record). We're always so grateful for any press or support. But it's always a little extra special when it comes from my old workplace!

When I was a journalist at The Dallas Morning News I used to always dream of one day being featured in its pages. I never wanted to be famous or be in there as a person of note, but rather for doing something worth reporting on. It was something I thought about daily when I would interview people and tell their stories and talk about something special happening because of their hard work. It's still a total pinch-me moment when I see my business in print. I always try to stop and soak it in because it was such goal and dream of mine!

Speaking of dreams, did y'all hear our latest podcast with Riad Tile? Founders Kale and Aubrey Butcher are living out their daydream and it's a total inspiration to listen to! I love putting on my reporter hat and interviewing small business owners making their dreams happen -- while talking about the ups and downs because it's surely not all rainbows and butterflies running a company. This is one of my favorite episodes because they literally fell into their full time job staying curious and fighting for their passion. Don't miss it! Click here to listen.

Well, I better get going to get ready for a full day in the store! Come see me from noon to 5 p.m.! I'll have the sangria waiting!


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