Britt's Picks: Kimonos, A Fan Girl Moment & Cali Recap

Britt's Picks: Kimonos, A Fan Girl Moment & Cali Recap

I'm baaack! I got back in town a few days ago and am officially getting on the grind again. Sorry for a lack in posts lately!

The past two and a half weeks have been blissful at times, and totally stressful at others. Although I guess that's kind of the norm for a small business owner, right? Two Tuesdays ago, I left for California to visit with family so the days leading up to then were jam-packed with to do's (hence, why I haven't blogged in a couple weeks -- sorry!). Of course when it rains it pours and we were also putting final touches on our new Market at The Star application during the time so I was going 100 miles a minute trying to finalize things before putting on my mom hat for a week.





The week before I left town we crammed in two podcast tapings, a photo shoot featuring my favorite store fashion finds (which also meant I was to model them -- dreaming of the day we have a model budget), multiple blog posts, meetings on the restaurant concept we're working on next door in our other building, dozens of emails with The Star on show details, taping our first IGTV episode (outdoors in a freak summer rain storm!) and so. much. more. It was crazytown y'all!


I guess I kind of glossed over that final thing. YES, we are now on IGTV! I learned years ago that it's best to hop on the new technology train early and stick with it and figured we needed to test out this new platform. Plus, we already create video content so why not put it on our favorite and most natural social media platform?

Don't laugh y'all. We tried our best with our first episode all about styling my favorite fashion piece -- a kimono. I had no script and no real plan. We figured it would feel most natural and authentic that way. So when Alyssa said we were rolling I just talked from my heart about how I like to wear kimonos. Then, she wanted some B-roll so we went outside for natural light only to find it raining out of nowhere. I was literally dancing in the rain for her shots.

Overall I think it's a really cute piece that shows how easy it truly is to slip on a breezy robe, duster or kimono and feel fierce day or night. Stay tuned for more vids on Instagram from us soon!




Right before I left town a very fun visitor popped by: Alexander Wang!!! It was a true pinch-me moment and so cool to have such a fashion icon grace our floors. I had seen that the New York designer was in town via social media and sent his account a DM to let them know about us. The next day he walked through the doors and I was shocked! I was working the retail floor that Sunday with our sales team and paused my checkout to say hello and shake his hand. He was so kind and even took a pic with me when he left. Just goes to show it never hurts to reach out to people you admire!



Two weeks ago was one of my favorite times of the year. We accepted our Dallas show fall vendors! I always love combing every single application and learning about new businesses that want to join our event. I also love seeing old faces and catching up on their latest products and finds. We sent out our acceptance letters and have an incredible vendor lineup for y'all to support November 2nd and 3rd!

Last Friday we put the final touches on our Market at The Star application and pushed it live! We already have a ton of applicants and starting accepting them late this week. The shows are about full and shaping up to be so incredible! From unique vendors to fun activities (can't wait to spill the beans on what we have up our sleeve!), these events are going to be really unique for Flea Style and such a cool addition to our big shows.


Another thing we're designing right now is our new store window display. Last winter while shopping First Monday Trade Days in Canton, we stumbled upon this pile of incredible vintage crochet blankets in bright juicy colors. We snatched up all of them -- I think around six or so -- for something fun one day.

Well a couple weeks ago while dreaming up our new window design, we thought it would be fun to pull out these pretties. The colors and vibe is very hippie a la "Summer of Love" so we came up with Summer of Local and a fun way to incorporate them in the design. The window is currently being installed -- can't wait to show you what DeAnna designed soon!




My trip home was great. I got lots of quality time with family, friends and my favorite SoCal flea market - the Long Beach flea! Although most of my days were spent at the beach with my kids or enjoying the perfect weather outdoors, I did get a solid day of shopping in for our store and site and man did I score! From aged brass baubles to vintage kimonos and artwork, I filled two wagons full of loot and crammed the goodies into three large suitcases to bring back to Texas.

Although I loved my time at home, I truly missed the team and store! It's crazy how tied to a desk you just crave some R+R and sunshine and then you get there and miss the hustle and bustle. I arrived back at the office and got right back in action from filling the store with my treasures to drilling down on hundreds of emails that needed attention.

Excited for a fresh full week this week! I will be sure to get back to a weekly post here and keep y'all in the loop!



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