Britt's Picks: Our First Party & Fun Press

Britt's Picks: Our First Party & Fun Press

Hellooo! I'm back! After working the store floor here and there over the past few weeks to meet our customers, I've received so much feedback. One of the biggest topics was in regards to our weekly Shop Talk series that we published while under construction and installing the store and studio. Over and over again I learned how much y'all enjoyed riding along on our crazy journey -- and that you missed these candid posts that offer some behind the scenes scoop on some of what goes down daily at Flea Style.

Meet Britt's Picks, our new regular blog series (I will try my hardest to pop one out each week!) that will document work life at our new Dallas headquarters -- or wherever the wind takes us like far flung flea markets or Frisco (more on that later). From show prep and product/podcast sneak peeks to new news, I will rant, reveal and squeal about as much as possible on what it's like around here!



Tomorrow we've officially been open four weeks. Crazy! It has flown by! We've had some major bugs to iron out -- Shopify being our biggest pesky cockroach -- but all in all things have been smooth sailing and beyond our wildest dreams. People are showing up! And buying things. Lots of things!!!

We had no idea what to expect and we're so pleased with the amount of smiling faces walking through our green doors everyday. Our grand opening was so much fun and our shoppers bought so much stuff that we've regularly been restocking daily to replenish. We're starting to see shopper patterns (our gal loves jewelry, art and caftans) and now thinking more and more about designing the store for her.

Yesterday we celebrated a major milestone: We hosted our first private party in the studio! The space has seen some action over the past few weeks between live podcast tapings and a calligraphy workshop but this was our first run with a birthday party.

Total disclaimer: It was my daughter's 6th birthday. I would never ever host a child's party in our HQ without ironing out the kinks on my own kids. So glad I did, as I learned a lot! 1. No cute vintage linens for painting parties. 2. The cuteness created by glitter projects is so worth the messy cleanup. 3. Unicorns still rule in little girl's worlds. 4. Children don't need two hours for a craft party and cake; 1.5 hours is plenty of time.

DeAnna helped me pull together the party of my daughter's dreams. The theme was unicorn painting tea party fiesta (her idea, not ours). Imagine a unicorn piñata, vintage tea cups and plates and lots of acrylic paint and glitter. It was pure magic and a proof of concept that we are ready to host the cutest parties for littles ever (see our packages here).

After we wrapped, we cleaned up the space and morphed it back into our podcast studio for our taping with Riad Tile. This was our third live taping and another pinch-me moment that this is actually what I get to do for a living. Every single taping is so cool. Not only do we get to hear an inspiring small business story but the community comes together to chit chat, ask questions and support others' success. It's seriously one of my favorite parts of my job these days -- not to mention watching them stroll the store and gawk over our vendors' product is total icing on the cake.

Speaking of vendors, we're starting to dream up our Dallas fall show event. How is it already here?!!! Vendor applications close this Sunday and we're looking over each application right now to curate our major biannual show. Save the date for November 2nd and 3rd ya'll!

Although I'm talking about the fun stuff this week, there have been plenty of blah parts too. The app we use for our online vendor marketplace is giving DeAnna gray hairs daily. Vendors don't see any of the drama but on our end there are so many issues to deal with. We're finally working through it with developers in India but for the past few weeks there has been a ton of unnecessary work for our team.

We are also dealing with some annoying property damage drama. You may have seen my Instagram rant, but long story short our property was violated a couple weeks ago after we had kindly not towed two cars illegally parked in our parking lot. The gate that was damaged was officially fixed today, but we're still working on our claim with the city to pay the bill. This situation is just a little reminder that there are no off days when you own your own business. Cannot wait until we have in-house legal or a human resources department to help me with these things that make my brain hurt (no really, #goals).

On the upside, today a few articles were published about our labor of love in D Magazine, D Home and The Dallas Morning News. Of course we're thrilled with the coverage about our new store and studio, but more excited about all the new people that will learn about us and hopefully be inspired to come see what we're all about and support our makers and shakers.

Tomorrow DeAnna and I head to First Monday Trade Days to shop for some store fixtures (need unique jewelry stands, clothing racks and trays baddddd) and maybe even find some products from the trip for y'all. Although sometimes it seems crazy to leave the HQ to source product or supplies, I always have to remind myself that my love for shopping flea markets is the reason I started this business nine years ago.

It's crucial I keep getting out and shopping small. It's what fuels me, makes me happy and gives me fresh perspective -- and air. Speaking of air... I'm just coming up for air after a week of serious talks about a big new project we're about to finalize. I can't reveal it yet, but by next week I can shout it from the rooftops and I cannot wait!

Stay tuned for all the fun and hope to see you in the store -- or studio! -- soon!

Keep shopping small, y'all!

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