Home & Studio Tour: Billie Ball & Co.'s Katie Arani

Home & Studio Tour: Billie Ball & Co.'s Katie Arani

Our shoppers mean the world to us. So much so, they often become friends. Case in point: Katie Arani, owner and lead designer of Billie Ball & Co., a Dallas-based floral design business that specializes in striking earthy arrangements for weddings, events and editorial styling.

We met Katie soon after opening our doors last summer and instantly fell for her sophisticated bohemian style that favors our rattan furniture, '60s glassware and preppy vintage clothing. From business props and accessories to decor for her recently remodeled East Dallas home, she is a regular fixture in our store sourcing.

We personally delivered a sofa she purchased and fell in love with her beautiful bungalow. We had to share her inspiring place with y'all as well as her company's pretty studio just down the street from our Deep Ellum store brimming with Flea Style finds and other storied treasures she's collected over the years.

Don't miss her the behind the scenes video of her shopping spree and floral styling in her vintage finds! Watch here.

Katie, we adore you and your style! How did you discover us?

I saw this cute little store pop up in Deep Ellum while I was driving around and I thought “I’ve got to get in there!” I had heard of the Flea Style shows in the past, and I was so excited that the flagship store was now in my backyard (also super dangerous because I pop in at least a few times a month)!

 We love seeing you regularly! What keeps you coming back?

There is always something new to scavenge. Brittany really has a gift for curating the ultimate client experience. I walk in and immediately feel like I’m in a friend’s super cool house. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. And I can’t go in without finding a perfect little treasure or two for my home, clients or workspace!


How has shopping #fleastyle influenced your biz?

I feel so inspired with how the items are arranged in the store. There are some combinations I fall absolutely in love with, and never would have thought of putting together. There are so many ways to mix old and new, rattan and brass, ceramics and textiles… I get so inspired every time. It challenges me to come up with my own new combinations of color palettes and floral varieties. The Flea Style community is also incredibly supportive of my business.

Why do you love vintage?

A vintage piece has its own point of view. It’s well-worn with time and love. And you just can’t replicate a good patina that comes with age and use.


How would you describe your style?

Vintage preppy!

Craziest thing you’ve ever bought from us?

Well, the biggest thing I’ve purchased is a cute wicker couch with a chenille cushion. My favorite item I purchased is a big trunk with the most perfect bubblegum pink chippy paint.

Why does shopping local/small matter to you?

Supporting local businesses creates more variation in the marketplace. Everything looks the same in the big box stores. I love knowing the person or story behind the piece I buy, too.

Dream vintage piece you’d like to find/purchase?

A large, round vintage rug. They are so hard to find!

 You're a vintage shopping expert. Any tips for people? 

Gather inspiration online or in books before going into an antique/thrift/curated vintage store. Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed, especially when the stores are super crowded with stuff. The hunt itself is super fun, but I like to harken back to specific ways I can style a certain piece. For example, if I see an image of a bookshelf styled with antlers and brass candlesticks that I love, I’ll have that in mind when I come across a bin full of antlers, or a tarnished brass candlestick that I can shine right up.





Come shop with us! Our Deep Ellum store is located at 3009 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75226 and open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Have a question? Give us a shout at 469-520-3222 or info@fleastyle.com.

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