Fridays with Flea Style: Entrepreneur & Real Housewives of Dallas' Cary Deuber

Fridays with Flea Style: Entrepreneur & Real Housewives of Dallas' Cary Deuber

Cary Deuber may be best known for her no non-sense personality on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she’s also a decorated medical professional and accomplished businesswoman.

Along with her husband, she runs Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center and handles everything from hiring new talent to managing back stock and her long client roster. On this week's Fridays with Flea Style podcast, we sit down with the working mom to talk about how she handles juggling two careers, growing pains, personality conflicts and her hectic personal life.

Tune in for Cary's small business tips and advice -- and see below for some more inside scoop and fun facts!

 Favorite motto or quote? "You only live once, better make it count."

What made you decide to go on The Real Housewives of Dallas? I felt like I would regret it if I let it pass me by. Life is about making choices and taking risks which makes life better and more interesting.

What is a day of filming like? It depends on what we are doing. One day it may be a family scene or a scene at my office or with castmates. The group events take the most time and effort because I usually get hair and makeup done for those and usually there is a run in of some kind when we are all together.

Were you all friends prior to the show? What is that like working together? I was not friends with everyone. Season One I only knew who LeeAnne was and met Stephanie about six months before filming. Season Two I knew both girls that joined the cast for many years.

If you didn’t do your current job, what would you be doing and why? I would probably be a ski instructor or a doctor.

Describe your picture perfect day off: Waking up with a latte then hitting a 75-minute power yoga class. After that would be lunch with a friend, going to watch one of Zuris' many activities and then having dinner at home as a family.

Book currently on your nightstand: I just read Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman.

What have you learned about yourself after going on the show? How to stand up for myself and to be better at dealing with conflict.

What are three must have beauty products for great skin? I love the H2O Glow and Glycleanse products in the Lemmon Avenue line! And laser is amazing!

If you could score a mentor session with anybody for an hour, who would you want to sit down with and why? The Dalai Lama. I'm very into yoga and Tibetan Buddhism interests me very much.

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