Fridays with Flea Style: Judy and Jane Aldridge

Fridays with Flea Style: Judy and Jane Aldridge

We met Judy and Jane Aldridge at a dinner party. We immediately knew they were members of our tribe. And when when the mother-daughter duo agreed to be speakers at Flea Style Summit, we went over the moon.

Judy is the founder of Atlantis Home, a popular blog she launched eight years ago to express her love of food, fashion and home décor. You know Jane from her ground-breaking blog, Sea of Shoes, which she started when she was still in high school as an "outfit diary." This was before fashion blogging was even a thing, and it captured the attention of fashion editors and designers far and wide — and it inspired an entire generation of female bloggers. We can't even imagine what fashion blogging would be today were it not for the spunky redhead with a closet full of fancy kicks.

These ladies are B-U-S-Y, but lucky for us, they had a few minutes to answer some fun questions about getting started, how they spends their days and where they like to shop. They are a wealth of knowledge and going to have one rockin' panel chatting about blogging and branding.

Read on and come to the Flea Style Summit to get to know them even better!

What's behind the names of your brands?
I had an earlier business called Atlantis Underground. I designed and manufactured women's and children's clothing.
Jane: An octopus was the Atlantis Underground motif. The image always stuck with me, and I chose Sea of Shoes as a nautical homage to my mom's former business.

What’s a typical workday?
Judy: I’m all over the board. There is no typical day for me. I usually spend the better part of the morning trying to reign in all my thoughts. I usually don't get a solid plan till around 11 a.m.
Jane: I’m a very regimented person. I wake up early and have a schedule every day! It doesn’t always go as planned, but I like order to my workflow. As far as what we are doing that day, it changes too constantly to even get into! Jeff [ed. note: Jane's fiancé is Jeff Dashley; they now work together] and I have to divide and conquer to get everything done. We are task-oriented people.

Biggest accomplishment so far?
Judy: Two beautiful, intelligent girls.
Jane: Getting to do what I love with the people I love!

Five-year goal/s (personal or professional)?
Judy: I want to see Atlantis Home grow as a brand in the next five years. Im having a lot of fun with that. Personally, my goal is more time for just me.
Jane: I don’t believe in goals! Having been in this business for 10 years, I've seen things change too quickly to get very far ahead, and I prefer it that way.

Best advice ever received?
Judy: So corny, but do what you really love, and you will be successful.
Jane: You’ll regret only the chances you don’t take.


Describe your personal style in five words.
Judy: Quirky, vintage, denim overload.
Jane: Colorful, eclectic, textured, romantic, vintage.

Judy, name five people you’d like to decorate for.
The Obamas — I bet they are so fun! Rihanna, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone — she would be a hoot! And friends! All my friends!

Jane, name five people you’d like to borrow clothes from.
Nan Kempner, Jeanne Lanvin, Loulou de la Falaise, Marlene Dietrich, Jane Birkin.


Three things you cannot live without?
Judy: My dogs, my phone (sadly) and my books.
Jane: Chihuahuas, my fiancé and Netflix.



Favorite places to shop for your home?
Judy: Local estate sales, Salvation Army on Harry Hines, Genesis off Lemmon, Lucas Street Antique Mall and Consignment Heaven on Henderson.
Jane: Salvation Army on Harry Hines and Thrift on Ross.

Favorite places to shop for your closet?
Judy: Vintage Martini on Henderson, eBay and American Rag in L.A.
Jane: eBay!

Dream travel destination and why?
Judy: I haven’t been to Australia. I would love to go there. I’m really impressed with its art and design scene.
Jane: Copenhagen for our honeymoon. It seems so removed from time!

On your playlist currently?
Judy: The Dead Weather, Florence and the Machine and a little Bassa Nova.
Jane: Bill Nelson’s "The Love That Whirls."

No. 1. way you relax?
Judy: Looking at design books.
Jane: Watching classic movies every night with Jeff.

Your go-to coffee bar order?
Judy: Extra-hot milky latte.
Jane: Just black coffee with cream.

Your go-to bar bar order?
Judy: Something with grapefruit.
Jane: Old-fashioned with Woodford bourbon.

Get more Judy and Jane when you attend the Flea Style Summit. Advance ticket purchase required.

Photos: Courtesy of Judy Aldridge and Jane Aldridge

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