Fridays with Flea Style: LunchboxWax Founder Debi Lane

Fridays with Flea Style: LunchboxWax Founder Debi Lane

Season 5 of our podcast Fridays with Flea Style launches today! And we couldn't be more thrilled to roll out this fresh series of episodes with LunchboxWax founder -- and serious girlboss -- Debi Lane.

We discovered Debi's business when it opened near our Dallas store last year. After trying out a couple treatments (and falling for their special painless wax and pretty interiors) we had to know more about the founder. Well come to find out, she's incredible. The high school dropout has a booming specialty fast-wax franchise that's all over the US and changing the way people approach self-care.

“Everything I do is built around the success of our people. That’s been the key," says Debi who has several dozen locations and many more on the horizon. "We’ve fostered a brand and a culture of people who believe in the difference they can make, from the daily interactions of our waxologists with their guests, to our franchise owners making business decisions with a purpose.”

Today, LunchboxWax is one of the fastest-growing franchises in North America.

"Ripping out people’s hair takes skill, a sense-of-humor and crazy heart," adds Debi. "Our vision has remained the same, ever since our inception: to honor every body by providing beautiful experiences in beautiful settings, with an open heart and a badass attitude."

Learn more about Debi and her company in our latest podcast episode and below. And don't miss the brand's sprawling lounge and waxing studio at our spring show tonight and tomorrow. They've created a chic space to kick up your feet -- and score free facial waxing all event. For tickets, click here!

When people ask for business or life advice, what's your go-to answer? Be fearless in the pursuit of your dream. Take the time to find the path that is meant for you. Keep exploring until you find it – you’ll know when you’re there. Then go after it with everything you’ve got!

What is a day like in your shoes? I wake up between 4:30 and 5 a.m. everyday – naturally. I immediately drop into meditation, no matter where I am. It is the one thing in my routine I won’t compromise, even if I only get a few minutes in. Then, it is a few hours of coffee and emails. I do this from home or hotels so I can have uninterrupted time. My inbox serves as my to-do list and how I organize my day. I try to get in a little exercise in, and then I’m off to the office, or if I am out of town I head to meetings. My days are usually spent meeting with executive staff on current initiatives and creation of new. If out of town, I am usually meeting with franchisees and visiting salons and saying hello to waxologists! I am starting to do a lot of interviews and speaking, so that is a part of many days, whether home or on the road. My day ends around 6 p.m., and I am usually in bed at 9 p.m. I write in my gratitude journal (actually an app now, to reflect on the good that happened in the day). I do this even on tough days. It allows me to go to sleep on a positive note.

What is your favorite thing about working in this industry? The people – hands down! This is a fast-paced beauty service. The energy of our salons was developed around the five senses and guest experience, so everyone is having a good time and together creating a super cool vibe!

If you didn’t do your current job, what would you be doing and why? Cooking and art! I am a very creative person. I love to paint, and I am passionate about food and cooking. One day I hope to have a guesthouse where I can host people from around the world interested in food art – yes, that’s a thing!

 Describe your picture-perfect day off: Waking up in a new city where I can walk all day, drink coffee, eat local food, see art and talk to strangers.

Our podcast listeners already heard the scoop, but we can’t leave our readers hanging. What's the meaning behind “LunchboxWax”? LunchboxWax is in the business of ripping people’s hair out, so to me it made complete sense to create a playful, smart name that didn’t take itself too seriously. I love a good brand. I have a bold sense of humor, and I wanted something that matched that. I landed on the name because it genuinely has two meanings: you can come in on your lunch hour and receive your speed wax, and still have time for lunch. The more obvious is the story of one of my cherished guests (which I tell on the podcast) She was a 70-year old woman. She was dating at the time, and would come to me to get, as she called it, her “lunchbox waxed.” The logo soon followed, and when I saw them together -- the name and Ms. Box design -- it hit me like a lightening bolt! I knew I had something special.

If money was no object, what would you splurge on for yourself? A personal masseuse! I could literally get a massage every day.

Book currently on your nightstand (or what you want to buy for it): Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukov. Re-reading it after many years, and I am more in love with it today than ever. It's so rich and relevant!

If you could score a mentor session with anybody for an hour, who would you want to sit down with and why? Oprah, no question! I have followed her since she began her career. I have watched her evolve into one of the most magnificent humans of all time – man or woman. Her honesty and vulnerability taught me that those virtues are superpowers when used for self-empowerment.

Don’t miss Debi’s podcast. It’s so good! Check it out along with other Fridays with Flea Style episodes on iTunes here. Want to nominate somebody to be a guest on our show or have a question for Brittany to answer? Email us at!

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