Fridays with Flea Style: We the Birds Founders Sarah + Natalie Knowlton

Fridays with Flea Style: We the Birds Founders Sarah + Natalie Knowlton

Sarah and Natalie Knowlton were born in Louisiana but spent their childhood living all over the world — Singapore, Australia, France — thanks to their father’s oil and gas gig. After completing college, they both eventually settled in Dallas and founded We The Birds as a side hustle to fulfill their creative spirits.

Today the company is a beautiful budding lifestyle brand and full time job for the sisters that spans from content creation for social media and websites to a specialty French macaron bakery (yes, you read that right). From the early side hustle days to current struggles and successes, we sit down with the fiercely stylish sisters to learn all about their eclectic background and small business journey.

Listen to our candid conversation in our latest Fridays with Flea Style episode -- and read below for more inside scoop and inspiring advice from these cool cats.



We The Birds does a lot. Tell us a bit more about the brand! Describe your business/job role in 300 words or less:

We're a lifestyle brand, content creation agency and luxury French macaron bakery. We created this platform to ignite our own creativity and it has organically evolved into a multi-faceted business. We hope to inspire and empower every human to explore their own creativity and personal style (which we we believe ultimately develops a stronger sense of self— good stuff).

What does your content creation agency do exactly?

We specialize in creating high-quality visual content and leveraging our reach to promote carefully selected partners. Under Sarah's creative direction, we produce all content in-house. In addition to influencer marketing, we have cultivated and trained a small team of creative professionals which allows us to offer our partners services akin to those of a boutique creative agency.

You are also culinary queens! Tell us about your French macaron biz! 

We have an online bakery specializing in specialty French macarons, bespoke gifts and catering for luxury events. Our macarons are inspired by seasonal trends and innovative flavor profiles -- we guarantee that they are as delicious as they are beautiful. All our macarons are naturally gluten-free, using the highest quality ingredients and handcrafted in small batches to ensure optimal freshness. We currently serve the DFW area but are working on nationwide shipping, which will launch very soon!



Favorite motto/quote/life advice?

Sarah: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Natalie: Feed the good wolf.

What is the meaning behind your company name We the Birds?

We grew up all over the world, moving over 17 times and living in many countries including Singapore, Venezuela and France to name a few. At some point, we started referring to ourselves as “birds” because we were in constant "flight.” Our personal style and global perspective is a reflection of our transient upbringing. We have formed the belief that we, the people, connect with one another by celebrating the differences that make each of us unique and we relate to each other through our shared human experience— same but different, we are all "birds of a feather."



You both have such unique style. How would you describe your fashion looks?

Sarah: 90’s grunge meets Japanese anime meets London street style.

Natalie: Modern minimalist with intentional pops of color or trending accessories. I love comfortable-chic, world traveler-jetsetter style.

Switching to sweets. What's your all-time fave macaron flavor you've created? 

Sarah: Almond amaretto, it tastes like classic wedding cake with a twist!

Natalie:  Our cinnamon chai dark chocolate and almond amaretto.



If you didn’t have your current job roles, what would you be doing and why?

Sarah: I'd be in graphic design and/or art direction. My career before starting We The Birds was in creative/web design. So if we hadn’t started WTB, I would have carried along that route in some capacity... doing something visual.

Natalie: I’d likely be running a social business in Cambodia -- traveling back and forth to the US to advance its global reach. This was my dream job in college and the reason I studied International Business + Asian Studies.

Describe your picture-perfect day off:

Sarah: Blank calendar plus no phone, being outdoors and having a stimulating conversation with someone interesting.

Natalie: Zero stress and no agenda! I would probably wake up in a different city, go for a morning run for coffee, spend the day walking and exploring the city (finding gluten-free treats) and laughing until my stomach hurts with my best friend and boyfriend.


What's your all-time favorite piece in your closet? 

Sarah: This is a very hard question to answer; it's hard for me to play favorites. If I have to choose, I would have to say denim. All of my denim. I also love shoes. If I had to, I could only wear shoes and denim!

Natalie: Do my black sweatpants count? Second favorite is my Prada bag that my ‘high-end-designer-loving’ boyfriend gave to me for our anniversary/Christmas/birthday. It’s actually really special and was a limited run for Prada with a gold snake buckle. It kind of makes me feel like a badass!

What musician or band is currently on repeat?

Sarah: Vanessa Carlton and Explosions in the Sky

Natalie: Podcasts. But also, Kygo, Shallou, and Explosions.



What is it like working together? What is one pro and one con?

Sarah: Working with my sister is a constant challenge, which also keeps things interesting. I honestly can’t imagine having a business partner who is not Natalie. We have some great therapists who help us keep our relationship from getting unhealthy. Pro: We trust each other and are comfortable around each other— this allows us to feel safe and freely bounce ideas around. Con: We think we know each other too well. This often leads to assumptions, communication breakdowns and explosive arguments.

Natalie: Working together is a blessing. It’s a gift that I will never take for granted and probably never feel 100% worthy of. I could talk about our differences all day long, but what we share is a drive (that is likely genetic) and a passion (that is likely a result of our transient/global upbringing). We both are driven to work hard, innovate, create and do good. We are passionate about growing our brand for the long-haul. Pro: As sisters, we speak the same language and pick up on what’s not said just as much as what we do say. We talk quickly and execute quickly because we are able to be direct and our skill-sets compliment each other. We do not compete. We are each other’s biggest fans.
Con: We fight. We fight because we know we will forgive one another and our bond will not be broken, but it’s not cute or productive. We are actively working on respecting each other and our business by not using each other as a punching bag.



If money was no object, what would you splurge on for yourself?

Sarah: A full-time driver and jet on-demand.

Natalie: A sanctuary where I could escape and be alone. I’d like to have several of these all over the world. Dwell magazine’s emails remind me of this dream daily.

If you could score a mentor session with anybody for an hour, who would you want to sit down with and why?

Sarah: Only one hour? Man, I better choose someone who can get to the point. Gut-reaction answer: Myself in 30 years! Although that is actually quite risky… this meeting could alter the entire trajectory of my future. So, maybe that’s a bad idea... Safe answer: Marc Cuban or Marcus Lemons because they're so business savvy. Weird Answer: Melania Trump because I have so many questions!

Natalie: Warren Buffett because he seems to have figured out the secret to uber success and happiness and balance. What and how!?!


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