Meet Summit Panelist and Show Me Your Mumu Co-Founder Cammy Miller

Meet Summit Panelist and Show Me Your Mumu Co-Founder Cammy Miller

When people carve out a one-of-a-kind career path that creates community, happiness and success while putting beautiful things into the world we can't help but be inspired. And intrigued!

We cannot wait to sit down with Show Me Your Mumu co-founder Cammy Miller and learn all the ways she created a company and job role that combines all of these magical elements, especially in the crowded fashion space.

In the meantime, get a taste of this witty and wise LA lady whose mega-popular line is worn by major Hollywood starlets and boho-chic babes around the globe through our fun fashion Q&A. And today only, the big-hearted biz will donate 10-percent of proceeds from purchases online to the Houston Area Women's Center to aid Hurricane Harvey relief.

Purchase a ticket for Summit September 23rd to meet Cammy in person and hear all of her smart business and best life tips.


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Flea Style Summit panelist Cammy Miller founder Show Me Your Mumu

Describe your style in five words or less:California Rainbow Pirate Cowgirl with a sprinkle of Southern! That's nine, oops!

Why do you love working in the fashion industry?

The people! Being able to interact with customers and create the designs they wear and love is my favorite thing!What's your go-to work attire?

L.A. uniform: Jean shorts, a Mumu tee, open/cozy sweater and cute slides. I keep nicer shoes and a pair of our Berkeley Bells pants at my desk when I need to go somewhere after work and look a little dressed up.

Your Friday office casual looks like:

My clothes Monday through Thursday! The Mumu office is casual Friday optional everyday. We want our employees to feel comfortable everyday so that means casual for causal people, fancy for fancy people.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can only pack three items to wear. What's in your bag?

Our Hana TruMu caftan, a palm print bikini (so I can be camouflaged or contrasted on the sand in the case of rescue) and big ole floppy Lack of Color hat to keep my skin in check in case I do not get rescued.

Biggest fashion mistake people make?

Buying five things on sale that are "ok" versus one thing full price that they love! Unicorns exist in the sale section, of course, but as a general rule always ask yourself "Would I buy this at full price?"

What color is taking over your closet right now:

I am usually not a pink girl, but pink has been sneaking into my closet lately. I have a newfound love for dusty, mauve-y tones.


What’s the oldest clothing item you have in your closet?

Everything. I keep it all. It is a beautiful problem.

What is your never fails favorite look?

I have phases... Right now my go-to outfit is a printed maxi dress, oversized jean jacket and sneaks or sandals.

What’s one clothing item you are embarrassed to admit you own or still hang on to?

Uggs. Who cares?! They are so comfy!

Fashion motto?

Life and clothes should be fun!

What are you excited to wear what this fall?

Everything sparkly and metallic way before New Year's Eve. We have an amazing pair of wide leg, metallic gold, pleated pants coming out that I love so much! Those and a crop top are going to be my life with a yummy faux fur coat!

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Flea Style Summit panelist Cammy Miller founder Show Me Your Mumu


Coffee or tea:

Coffee, coffee coffee, mmm... coffee!

Wakeup time:

My goal is 8 a.m. Weekdays can be earlier; weekends can definitely be later.


Never the same.

Pandora station on repeat:

Coffee House

Favorite podcast: 

None. I am a dinosaur. I still read books more than I listen to things.

Guilty pleasure:

Any and all Real Housewives.

Dream dinner guest:

Zelda Fitzgerald

Next vacation on the books?

Hilton Head, Carmel and Sydney for my besties' weddings this year!

Dream vacay destination?

Bahia, Brazil!

Something people would be surprised to know about you:

I don't own a blow dryer. I was surprised! I just found out because I had a house guest in need of one.

Excited to visit Texas because:


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