Meet the Maker: The Crafter Way

Meet the Maker: The Crafter Way

Cheeky cards are our favorite. So when Krys Westfall applied to be a vendor at our fall show, we were thrilled.

She's the witty creative behind The Crafter Way, a stationery and gift small business that pushes the envelope with snarky-meets-sweet sayings and designs. Get to know this funny lady below and say hello to her at our Dallas fall show this weekend!

Tell us a little bit about you:

I grew up in Galveston, and I’m still a beach bum at heart. I moved to DFW with my bestie in 2001 for college, so Dallas is just as much home to me. My undergrad was a BFA in photography and design, and this December I’m finishing a dual MBA and master’s in marketing. You could say I like to keep busy. I have an amazingly supportive husband, Matt, and we have three four-legged kiddos: Booga the sassy cat, Stark the chonk bearded dragon and Pokey the speedy tortoise. I love a good latte and pinot noir. I’ve been quirky since before it was cool.



How did you discover Flea Style?

I’m a member of Etsy Dallas, and a colleague mentioned you on Instagram a few months ago. I love your energy and tribe!

How did you get into designing stationery and gifts?

I’ve always been obsessed with stationery. There are so many awesome, local card designers – I buy cards by the pound. I have birthday cards for my bestie for the next ten years! Writing and design both make me happy, and it finally clicked about a year ago that I could make my own greeting card line.


Where do you seek inspiration for your designs? 

I find inspiration in the funny parts of just day-to-day life. Little awkward moments are my favorite. I used to tease that my life was a sitcom, but I think a cheeky greeting card is probably more accurate.

You launched your business earlier this year, where do you hope to see yourself 12 months from now?

A year from now, my goal is to have my product in retail locations, so hopefully you’ll see me in some new places!

What does your picture-perfect day off look like?

It starts with cats and coffee and ends with wine and cheese. In the middle, maybe a road trip to the beach and time to make art in the afternoon.

What is your current playlist?

Lizzo and Pink. And 90s alternative, always.


Where does your love for reptiles and animals come from?

When I was about five, I insisted we keep two stray kittens I’d found, and somehow my mom went for it. My older brother taught me to catch lizards and frogs when I was little too. I’ve had pets ever since.

Where can people shop your products?

You can find The Crafter Way on Etsy and I’m updating my website to e-commerce this month! Bear with me while I iron out the kinks! Of course, I would love to meet new customers at one of my upcoming shows too that includes Flea Style this weekend!

Shop The Crafter Way at our 10-year Anniversary Fall Show Friday October 25th and Saturday October 26th! The event is located at Dallas Market Hall (North Hall) at 2200 N Stemmons Freeway. 


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