Office Tour: On the Job with FleaMarketFAB

Office Tour: On the Job with FleaMarketFAB

Jennifer Harrison-Ciacchi is a woman after our own heart. For more than a decade, she's been scouring flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores for retro-glam gems for her home and the homes of others. Her passion for design and thrifting led her to start FleaMarketFAB three years ago.

At the time, the Ohio resident considered it a fun, part-time gig incorporating her design/styling business, Jennifer Harrison Style. Her intent was "basically helping people figure out how to incorporate thrift into life without all of it looking like clutter or junk — with a twist of chic." When she launched social, her job exploded.

"When the social media platform of the company took off, so did the rest," Harrison says. "Being featured by large blogs and home design websites has spiraled [us] to where we stand today. I am beyond grateful and very blessed to have the opportunity to share my style and do what I love day to day. Not everyone gets to wake up and love their job."


Most recently, Harrison combined her thrifting passion with her love of textiles and her connections with Moroccan artisans to make custom floor poufs and pillows, which she sells online through Instagram.

Flea Style is thrilled to have Harrison at our Summit this month, where she will be discussing topics ranging from how to create an inspiring and productive workspace to turning your passion into profit. Here, she gives us a tour of where the FMF magic happens. We covet every boho inch!



Where is your workspace and how big is it? When the kids moved out I moved into what was their media room. It is a very large space above the garage. I pulled all the carpeting out and replaced it with a finished birch plywood floor. Then I started the hunt for all the pieces that I needed to make it a fun, curated space. The office is about 300 square feet. The vaulted ceiling gives it the feeling of being a larger space — until the next shipment arrives.




What’s your favorite thing about the space? Being a huge junker/thrifter I have been able to find some really cool pieces. My desk is one of my all-time favorites. It is pink and sea foam green and galvanized. My sewing table is a very old fold-out flower cart my mom found at a garage sale for $5. And the top is painted pink. Meant to be, right?!



How do you stay organized? I have an old wooden work cart that is on casters. It has the perfect patina and is easy to move around. I love this piece; the drawers hold all of our supplies: tape, cards, scissors, shipping boxes, you name it. It is so large that it allows me to stock items on top. In addition, I have Ikea shelving units. These are the perfect shelves for a hoarder. You can put everything in them with a style that will eventually become beautiful photos.

What’s the most surprising thing we’d find in or on your desk? Because my desk has doors on it, I keep all kinds of power tools and painting supplies inside. That allows me to limit my husband stealing my tools, which happens a lot!


Mac or PC? Mac all the way.

Walk us through a typical workday. Because the business is currently run out of my house, it kind of goes like this: Wake up, coffee, water plants, take the dogs out. My daughter, who works with me, shows up about 9 or 9:30 a.m. We immediately jump into direct messages, emails, Instagram, answering questions, gathering images for people who need photos. Then we go into getting everything in order for photos: stuffing cushions, setting up shots. That usually takes all day. It may not seem like it would, but stuffing and unstuffing for photos takes a long time.



What would we find in your mug/cup on your desk? Cold coffee, because I always get a cup, get too busy to finish it and forget where I set it. Every day. It never fails. Sometimes I find two or three cups around at the end of the day or a day later when we clean up.

Do you listen to music while you work? We do listen a little later in the day ... Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Glass Animals, The Weekend.


What’s your most used (noncomputer) tool? My power drill. It is made by Makita, and it is a hammer drill that is amazing.

If you could satellite office for a day, where would we find you? Hawaii! I would never come back!


Meet Harrison at our Summit. Find her online at and @fleamarketfab; shop her textiles at @shopfleamarketfab.

Portrait by Carley Page Photography; all other photos by Anisa Rrapaj.

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