Q+A with Foodstirs Founders Sarah Michelle Gellar and Galit Laibow

Q+A with Foodstirs Founders Sarah Michelle Gellar and Galit Laibow

Flea Style Summit keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! We are so excited to announce our final panelist, Galit Laibow.

Galit and her business partner/pal Sarah Michelle Gellar (yes, as in Buffy) own Foodstirs, an organic baking mix company delicious enough to make kids and adults drool. She is joining us as a panelist during Summit and their company is hosting a yummy DIY dessert table during lunch to keep you fueled for our jam-packed day of inspiration, information and fun!

We chatted with these hard working moms to learn more about their company, work life and even sweet tooth tendencies. If you don't have your ticket for Summit yet, snag one now to meet Galit and our other incredible panelists!

What was the inspiration behind the company?

Galit: The initial inspiration for Foodstirs was our children. We were both always on the lookout for activities where we could really connect and engage with them. Our kids showed great interest in baking, an area neither one of us had much skill. When we looked for projects and base mixes we were shocked at the limited number of options available with high quality ingredients that didn't sacrifice taste. It was only then, that we made the decision to dig deeper into the category and discovered it was still dominated by the legacy brands that were filled with chemicals. That’s when we decided we wouldn’t stop until we could create all organic, sustainable, highest quality products and the best tasting quick scratch baking mixes on the planet.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Galit: I have two girls age nine and five.

Sarah Michelle: I have an almost 8-year old daughter and an almost 5-year old son.

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Have you both always had a love for baking? Sweets?

Galit: Everyone will tell you I have the biggest sweet tooth around! And while I was excellent at devouring treats, my skills were limited in creating them. So it was extremely important to me that we created mixes that would satisfy everyone from the novice baker to the excelled.

Sarah Michelle: I have always loved being creative (hence my job choice) but never realized I could bring my love of crafting into the kitchen.

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How involved are you in designing the recipes?

Galit: We are both involved in every part of the recipe process, from sourcing each individual ingredient (even if it takes us around the globe) and determining new products and what the needs in the market place are to the new recipes we create with our mixes each week. We also test each product and recipe with our own families, as you will never get more honest (even if unwanted) feedback.

Best part about owning your own company?

Galit: The best part of owning our own company is being truly in charge of our own destiny. We are responsible for every aspect, including its successes and failures. The ability to show our kids that we took an idea, created a tangible product and now they see it being sold in their local stores is the greatest lesson we can impart to them. As well, being partners with children has also allowed us a flexibility when it comes to being present for our families. Neither of us have ever had a job that was so inclusive of our families.

What's the hardest part?

Galit: The hours! Its definitely our third child that feels like it will forever be in the newborn stage.

Best business advice you’ve ever received?

Galit: Surround yourself with people smarter than you. We have an incredible team of advisors and people we can call on for support with more knowledge than us. Some of them are specifically in our field and others are in everything from finance to marketing.

How do you manage the work/life balance?

Both: We respect that everyone's idea of work/life balance is different and needs to be honored differently. That being said we are still trying to achieve it. And if anyone knows how to have work/life/me time balance please let us know!

Some favorite products in the line to make with your kiddos?

Galit: Oh goodness, that changes weekly. Right now both of our kids are on an anything rainbow/unicorn kick.

What are your favorites to eat?

Sarah Michelle: I am obsessed with our Organic Sunday Stacks Pancakes and everything you can do with them from basic pancakes to donuts, muffins, snacks and more.

Galit: I am a chocolate girl, so I would have to say our Brooklyn Brownie made with Bittermans Sea Salt and extra fair trade chocolate chips straight from Peru.

Why are you excited Foodstirs is joining Flea Style Summit?

Galit: Any time we can be surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs is such a valuable learning experience not to mention is always inspiring!!


Coffee or tea:

Galit: Hot coffee

Sarah Michelle: Iced coffee


Galit: Late

Sarah Michelle: Early

Wakeup call:

Galit: Early

Sarah Michelle: Earlier

Favorite way to relax:

Galit: What is that?

Sarah Michelle: A good book

Last meal on earth would be:

Galit: The entire Foodstirs product line

Sarah Michelle: Sushi prepared by my favorite sushi chef in Japan, Aoyama Masaaki

Favorite junk food:

Both: Garrett's Popcorn and Ocho Chocolates (although that’s not junk food)

Currently reading:

Galit: Vendor agreements

Sarah: A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

Currently listening to:

Sarah Michelle: Hamilton

Galit: Hamilton because that’s all Sarah will play!

Dream job:

Both: We are both living it

In five years Foodstirs will be:

Both: The only word that comes to mind when you think of clean best tasting baking.

Meet Galit Laibow at Flea Style Summit Saturday September 23rd in Dallas from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Get your ticket now - and all the juicy details - at fleastyle.com/summit!

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