Behind The Scenes of Our Store Makeover

Behind The Scenes of Our Store Makeover

So last week we did the impossible: We closed our doors for eight hours and completely re-organized our 3,500-square foot retail space.

We thought it was time for a little spring (ahem, winter) cleaning. We aren't a storied retail brand with a master visual design calendar. Only six months into our retail adventure, we're still learning and figuring things out along the way as we listen to customers, test products and prices and see where and how merchandise succeeds in our space.

Whether its industry standard or not, we felt it was time to shake things up on the floor -- for our eyes as much as our shoppers'! Plus, after a big winter sale the time was right to fill product holes with shiny new things from our vendors.

From moving every single fixture and item (we're talking 10,000-plus people!) around the floor to hanging rugs from the rafters and installing over two-dozen pieces of art, we literally transformed the space for our new finds. Our entire team was in on the makeover as well as four very strong movers and a boatload of power tools (for us, not them #girlbosses).

We are completely in love with our new look. It's airy, inspiring and the perfect platform for our vendors' beautiful loot. We hope you'll come see it soon!

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We crammed nearly every single display and piece of merchandise into our 900-square foot studio space. It was total chaos!


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Our team was hands-on during the entire project from painting shelving units to sanding old tables and hanging art on our soaring brick walls. As hard as these physically exhausting days are, they are some of our favorites as we get to be creative, laugh like crazy and play loud rap music without offending customers!


We decided to lay out the store by themes this time around. Our pottery section is one of our favorites. The earthy hues and materials are so dreamy!



Brittany pulled out her interior designer days hat and directed the madness all day.

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Meet our new front entry! We created the table from an old door and pair of saw horses we scored at a flea market. Love how layered this moment is!


Y'all asked for more rugs and textiles so we delivered! We moved our t-shirt section to another area of the floor to open up a nesting moment piled with pretty pillows, carpets and throws from several of our local vendors.



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We're pretty partial to this entry corner of the shop. We layered and layered earthy pottery, wood pieces, mirrors, plants and woven baskets to create an eye-popping display. The lighting from our huge storefront windows make this area a total dream in the afternoon when the sun shines in!


We're currently in love with dusty rose and blush tones. We pulled some of our favorite clothing pieces sporting the hues to the front of the store and y'all seem just as smitten as us! This area has been a hot spot!

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Don’t miss our fresh new digs! Visit us at our Deep Ellum store located at 3009 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75226 and open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Have a question? Give us a shout at 469-520-3222 or

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