Brittany's New Digs & Details

Brittany's New Digs & Details

This year has brought some big moves from opening store number five to launching our hat bar reservation system and designing our own hat line. Personally, I’ve also experienced some huge change announcing my divorce and closing on a new home for the kids, me and Bowie.

It’s been a difficult year, no doubt. But I’ve also worked hard to find the good parts, seek joy in the tiny victories (hello, bridal hat parties roll out) and lean on my company and team for healthy distractions and some serious fun times too.

As many of you may know, one of the things that I love most is decorating. So, after closing on my new home, I dove into the transformation to make it beautiful, cheerful and cozy for my family’s next chapter. Naturally, I folded y’all into the process because it’s been such a part of my every day for the past couple months.

In doing so, you’ve had so many questions and comments about my move, design process, choices, and selections so I wanted to share a lot of them with you here. I’ve kept tabs on your top questions and comments and have answered them below.

Where did I move? Just down the street from my old home in Dallas. The kids are less than a mile from dad! And thank goodness. We visit daily to drop off homework, cleats and dog food.

Did I curate all the lighting? Yes! Other than toilets, the first thing I usually update in a space is lighting. Lights breathe life into a space (even when I rented in my 20s, I would pay to swap lighting to lean into the mood and vibe I wanted in a space). I didn’t have time to pound the pavement for fixtures, so I shopped online. My main sources for this home: Anthropologie (entry and mudroom pendants), Amazon (office pendant), Wayfair (kitchen, landing pendant and Landry’s chandelier), World Market (Barrett’s chandelier). My bedroom, stairwell and living room chandeliers are vintage. I believe all spaces that want to feel curated and collected need some vintage pieces to bring the patina and storytelling.

Paint selections please! My go-to white for the past 15 years is Shoji White. My living room is Sea Salt. The pale pink I always use is Malted Milk. Barrett’s room is Silver Strand. The pops of black are Black Magic. The bold avocado wet bar cabinets are Brassy. All selections are by Sherwin Williams, and most are flat finish. I’m not big on sheen.

Did I buy a bunch of stuff? My husband and I thoughtfully separated our things so the kids felt like home no matter their location. Since we kept their old rooms intact, I needed to get them some new things to mix with some current pieces. I also bought a new headboard, bedside tables and antique armoire for my room. Our new living room sofa and brutalist chandelier are recent purchases. Other than that, pretty much everything moved from our former digs. 

Details on the new things, please! My headboard is actually a set of four velvet panels that you put together. Our stairwell is very tight so I was worried that a king headboard wouldn’t clear the space. I adore these panels from Overstock (they look really luxe!). My bedside tables are the only drawers in my room (closet space is a challenge in this home), so I needed wide chests of drawers and found mine on Wayfair. Barrett’s leather headboard was also a Wayfair find. His tallboy chest of drawers and our cozy cream sofa hail from Weir’s, a local outpost.

Tell us everything about this stairwell gallery! I love art. I’ve collected hundreds of pieces high and low since college (I was an art history major). With this smaller space, it was a huge design challenge to find space for them so I decided to cover every inch of my tall stairwell and they fit perfectly. I’ve had this design idea pinned on Pinterest for over a decade and it was a dream to bring it to life. It’s the highlight of the home and the mix of items tell the story of my life from kids’ art projects to photos of my travels and beloved Chanel print collection.

How did you design the space so quickly? With my days dedicated to work and family, I spent every night plugging away on this project. I channeled my former decorator days and built a spreadsheet of everything I needed for every single room. I would note if I owned it or needed to buy it and documented all costs to keep track of my budget too. I also started a power point presentation for each room and added photos of existing pieces or those I found to make sure it all looked good together. When considering a piece, I love doing this to see how it looks in the mix, since my style can be so random. It's important to see the colors, scale and eras on one page for me to know if it will jive.


How did you use all of your former pieces yet make it feel so fresh and new in this space? I knew I was recycling most of my furniture and accents because I love them and didn’t want to part with the things I curated and collected over my lifetime. So, to shake up the vibe, I picked fun paint colors I haven’t used before, searched for funky lights to bring big cheer and added a few impactful new things like the brown checkered rug (oops, forgot about that piece; it’s from Tuesday Morning).

How do you hang your hats? I use the pegs we sell in our stores! You can search online for wood coat pegs, to find something similar. Be sure to measure your hats to ensure you space them correctly! I like three to six inches between each hat.

Your bar is bananas. Tips? I love to entertain as much as I love a good cocktail. I had so much fun with this wet bar! While I always have the go-to items in the mix – glassware, liquor, utensils – I also like to incorporate décor to make it feel really residential and collected. I added wallpaper, art and even hung some fun objects like a vintage pink mask I scored in Palm Springs. To add extra interest, I used a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase and brass side table for risers to offer varying heights and texture, too.

Speaking of wallpaper, where did you score yours? All of my paper were affordable finds from Again, I didn’t have time to shop in stores so I surfed online. I used a funky marble pattern in the bar, abstract fern for my office and sweet mint bird and floral design for Landry’s room. I love using wallpaper to add a pop in a space. I tend to use more neutral color papers so I can hang art on top and it not be too distracting.

Favorite thing about the new place? That’s so hard to say! Overall, I love the feel of it. The layout is very New York brownstone style, so it has a very urban vibe that’s a fun change from my past Dallas homes. I love how it still tells my family’s story and showcases the people and things I adore but in a fresh, cheerful, almost playful way. I know my family and I won’t be here forever, so I wanted to go a little wild with it and make it an adventurous chapter in our book. I hope my kids look back at this place with the fondest memories and remember all the good things that happened between these eye-popping walls. 

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