Bungalow Lowdown: Shopping, Storage & Paint Selections

Bungalow Lowdown: Shopping, Storage & Paint Selections

The past week has been huge for our little bungalow! Last Thursday, I hit Canton for some flea market finds to sprinkle throughout every inch of our Fort Worth hideaway.

I found so many gems! From a pair of plaster swan stools to a gorgeous French desk, I scored so many unique, vintage items that will bring that Flea Style vibe in a big way.

For art, I want to push the envelope with out-of-the-box ideas that align with our stores. I want to create a huge hat wall featuring old cowboy hats and scored tons this haul. I found five chippy cow skulls I can’t wait to hang in a unique formation in a room. One of my favorite buys was an old German guitar that I want to paint and use as wall decor. But my favorite art purchase was an old piece of tin an artist graffitied with Dolly Parton. She will hang centerstage in our living room or entry in all her Dolly glory!



Each day, we’re taking items to storage as I’m collecting them or they roll in via deliveries to the HQ. With Covid, we’ve been ordering items — mattresses, bed frames, fans, lighting, the coolest mint leather sofa you ever did see — early to make sure they hit my mid-September install date.



On Sunday, my family and I visited the house to see exterior paint selections in person. I selected two to three samples per area on my tiny fan deck and said a prayer. Some colors I’ve used in the past, others were new but looked really pretty.

Luckily, I loved everything and it was easy peasy to pick my favorites. For the main exterior siding, I went with Sherwin Williams “Modern Gray” for a soothing, neutral base.

For the shutters, I wanted a deep olive green that’s classic but a little left of center. One of my favorite blush pinks is called “Likable Sand” by Sherwin Williams and it was the clear winner for the front door. It’s a really tame, muddy pink and not too trendy or PINK. It’s perfect next to “Comfort Gray” the green-gray color I’m obsessed with for our front porch ceiling. It’s very southern to paint this area a pale blue, but I love the twist being more green-gray and it’s perfect next to the other paint selections.




Currently I’m finalizing paint selections for the interior. There are several dozen areas to nail down, so it’s taking some time but I’m loving the ivory, blush, olive and black color story. These have always been my favorite colors, and I never tire of them together.

I’m also working with contractors on a few possible projects if timing and budget allows. I would love to resurface the wood floors, but we’ll see if I can justify it being a part-time rental. I’m also lining up several landscapers to make the dreamy shaded front and back yards a total oasis. The lot is so pretty, I can only imagine what some additional plants, trees and decor will do for it!

I’ve already secured an electrician, interior painters, a wallpaper installer and new appliances. As soon as the former owners move out (we have a short lease-back), I will get cracking on these updates!

Although this project has been unexpected, it’s been such a fun one for our company. We’ve banded together to make this home such a special place for our team to enjoy, as well as our amazing customers. We’re pouring our hearts into every decision, storage delivery, special detail, you name it.

I am so excited to continue to share its story with you, and reveal the final product next month.



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