Fridays with Flea Style: Kelly Christine Sutton

Fridays with Flea Style: Kelly Christine Sutton

Today's Fridays with Flea Style features photographer Kelly Christine Sutton. Texas born and bred, she lives with her husband, Canaan, in East Dallas, where she also runs Kelly Christine Photo + Films. Her work ranges from portraits to interiors to the Flea Style Dallas Spring Show, but her favorite subject is children. "I picked up my first camera and quickly became obsessed with documenting my life," she says. "Today I have the same obsession and love for documenting others' lives, and I'm so lucky to get to do it as my full-time job."


The lowdown on Kelly Christine Photo + Films: I love photographing people — specifically families and kiddos — with a natural, lifestyle approach. From time to time, I also create short films for families or weddings, and I also love to photograph interiors. I have an online print shop where I sell some of my favorite shots from my travels.

A typical work day: I had an office outside of my home for the past year but recently moved it back into our house. Now my day looks a little like this: Wake up, get some housework or errands done, grab an iced latte or breakfast, get some photo editing finished, do an afternoon shoot if I have one, finish some more editing, dinnertime and movie time with Canaan, sleep, repeat. I also travel quite a bit for work, so every day really is different, but that is usually about how it goes.

Describe your home style in five words: Eclectic. Worldly. Cozy. Colorful. And a little retro.

Favorite places to shop for your digs: Estate sales!

Camera of choice: Canon 5D Mark II, but I'm considering upgrading to the Mark III in the near future.

Favorite shot: Not sure I've taken my favorite photo yet.

Most important nonliving possession: My camera, of course!


Wake-up time: 8 a.m.

Bedtime: 11-midnight

Dream travel destination: I'd love to visit a place that has a landscape and culture vastly different from where I've always lived, like India or Japan. So many places are on my bucket list!

Coffee or tea: Neither! I love espresso drinks. My favorite is the Iced White Rocker from White Rock Coffee.

Current playlist: Beach Boys, Kings of Leon (the older albums), George Strait, Brett Dennen, Snarky Puppy, Lord Huron, Jake Bugg, The Everly Brothers.

Best concert ever and why: Just saw George Strait recently. OMG! Nostalgia overload! Plus, I got to have a conversation with him afterward, and he is so sweet! That was one for the grandkids.

How you relax: Seeing a movie with my husband or visiting King Spa for the day.

Kelly Christine Sutton

What's next for you? This summer we are having our first house built. It's going to be tiny (less than 300 square feet!) and we couldn't be more excited.

Five-year goals: Move to another city and continue to grow my business, get Canaan through grad school, make one big trip every year, start a family.

Best advice ever received: Don't sweat the small stuff. My mom, Karen, said this to us growing up and actually reflected it in her own actions.

Top photo: Arrow & Apple; interior: N Barrett Photography; Flea Style office: Brittany Cobb; selfie and kitty: Kelly Christine Sutton

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