Fridays with Flea Style: Kidd's Kids CEO & Musician Caroline Kraddick

Fridays with Flea Style: Kidd's Kids CEO & Musician Caroline Kraddick

We sit down with the inspiring singer/songwriter and CEO of Kidd’s Kids -- a foundation her father started for children with life-altering/life-threatening conditions -- to learn about her journey, ways to find positivity in the face of tragedy and how she's finding her footing in the business world.

How would you describe your business/job role?

I am the CEO & Chief Happiness Officer to Kidd’s Kids, a nonprofit where we take children with life altering and life threatening conditions to Disney World on an all-expense paid vacation. My father started the charity when my mom was pregnant with me and I took over when he unexpectedly passed away in 2013. I’ve also been a singer since I was 6-years old. I studied music in college but my dreams were kind of put on hold to handle my dad’s passing but I’m releasing my first EP really soon and have been on a tour, all benefiting the charity. It’s a really amazing thing to be able to live out a dream while also raising awareness and funds for Kidd’s Kids simultaneously.


What do you wish you had known a little earlier in life? 

To trust my intuition and gut. There are so many times where I did things because I felt pressure to or because it looked like the best option, but my gut was telling me otherwise. Your gut is usually right. One of the other biggest lessons I’ve learned is “delay is good.” I am very stubborn and want things to get done on my time but that is literally never how it works. Delay is a good thing.

Best piece of career advice you’ve received? 

My mentor in college would always remind me that I was my biggest competition. It's so easy to compare yourself to others and measure your success to theirs and that is completely pointless. There is only one Caroline Kraddick in the world and I just have to work on making her unstoppable and not focus on others.



You’re empowering women/men with your life's work and music. Who inspires you? 

Kacey Musgraves is a huge inspiration to me at the moment. She is such a talented musician and songwriter but she will never change her personality to fit the mold. She won numerous Grammy’s last year but still sticks to her own motives and doesn’t do things because others want her to and totally doesn’t subscribe to the norm.

A lighter question... If anyone could play you in a movie, who would you choose?

This is such a great question! I can’t narrow down my answers, Maybe Casey Wilson or Kristen Davis...  I do know Mindy Kaling would definitely produce and direct it like only she can!

Who has made the biggest impact on your career so far?

This is an odd answer but Ryan Cabrera. He has been a dear friend of mine for a while and took me under his wing when I decided I really wanted to devote time to my music. He's not only a prolific songwriter, but he's so dedicated to his craft and to helping others. He has transitioned his huge career to writing and producing and helping artists and it’s so inspiring to me.

Dream music collaboration?

Chris Stapleton. His voice takes everyone to church and I just love his vibe. I feel like we could create some really cool music together.

Last book you read?

I re-read The Four Agreements at least once a year. It’s such a wonderful reminder of what's actually important in life and always puts things in perspective, especially if I’m going through a hard time.



Last meal on earth would be...

The cantinflas at Javiers in Dallas. It’s a beef filet stuffed with chihuahua cheese with this insane chile sauce on top. It’s been my favorite meal since I was a little girl.

Dream job other than your current roles? 

I would either be an investigative journalist with a true crime podcast or a child life specialist at a hospital.



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