Home Tour: Flea Style Fan Girl Rita Renner

Home Tour: Flea Style Fan Girl Rita Renner

We first learned of Rita Renner the day we launched shopfleastyle.com and she made three back-to-back purchases -- within 30 minutes!

Two years later, the Dallas accountant is not only a regular shopper on our site, but a dear Flea Style friend. We personally deliver (she loves fragile things and lives five minutes from our HQ) so many packages to the Uptown home she shares with her husband Eric and nine-month old daughter Ryan, that we decided we had to spread her amazing style around like confetti.

From ceramic glove molds, Turkish rugs and woven baskets to Guatemalan tops, tassel earrings and pretty pottery, here's a glance of her layered boho-chic digs and favorite Flea Style finds.


How and when did you learn about Flea Style? 

It all began with an Instagram rabbit hole that I went down! I follow The Collected Eclectic Home and Diana posted a picture of a dresser that she redid for your office. I saw "Flea Style" and the name made me perk up and wonder "What is this?!" I've been stalking Flea Style ever since!

Why do you like shopping handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind?

I love the thrill of seeking out a great find and the story that comes with something that's old and previously loved. I don't have much time for the searching, so I really love how your shows and the site have made flea markets and antiques more accessible and at such reasonable prices.



Besides Flea Style, where else do you shop for unique finds? 

I like Round Top's bi-annual antique show as well as Curiosities, The Montgomery Antique Mall, First Monday Trade Days in Canton, The Ross Antique Mall and a good estate sale.


What's your favorite Flea Style show find ever? 

I have two! I love the pink pom pom basket I scored from Ascot & Hart and the pink basket container from Sunshine Tienda that I bought for my daughter's nursery.

Can you pick one favorite find from our online shop?  

Man, this is difficult... I'd have to say I really love the pieces that I bought for my daughter's nursery. So either the brass bamboo magazine holder, woven basket tray or pink ombre throw blanket. They accent the Palm Beach meets flamingo feel in Ryan's room beautifully while melding my love of old and new.


How would you describe your decor style? 

A little boho-chic, Hollywood Regency and Palm Beach. It's hard for me to pinpoint a specific style. My look is truly a melting pot of the things I love.


What about your fashion style?

I'm an accountant and a mother so I feel like I flip flop between business casual and a t-shirt. But when I'm not wearing a tee or at work, I would say my style is very casual with jeans, a nice blouse and flats. I like layering a t-shirt and a cardigan when the weather permits.

Where to you think your love for handmade and vintage comes from?

Growing up we didn't have a lot of money to buy a bunch of new things, so it was always exciting to see what old things we could get for our money. I remember going to the flea market every Wednesday and Sunday as a kid and searching for treasures. As I've gotten older I find it's so easy to buy a new thing and it doesn't provide me with as much satisfaction as when I would save up my money to go find treasures as a child.

You joined us to Canton last month with 17 other flea market loving ladies. What was your favorite part of the trip? 

I loved being surrounded by women who love the thrill of a good find as much as I do! It's so much more fun to shop when everyone has a similar style and energy.



What was your favorite First Monday find and why? 

My mini Pendleton style carpet bag purse that I got for $10. It's functional and adds some extra flair to whatever I'm wearing.

Do you have any tips for people that want to shop vintage at a flea market like Canton or our shows?

Embrace what you love. I've never regretted purchasing a good find from a flea. Plus, it makes me smile every time I turn a corner and see one of my vintage pieces and remember the story behind it.

You aren't a flashy dresser yet you fully embrace vintage and rock it your own more conservative way. What are your tips for women in your shoes that want to dip their toe in the vintage world?

I mix vintage with new pieces always. For work, I wear a lot of vintage jewelry. Outside of work I like a good vintage top with jeans and my Chucks or a new dress with a vintage belt.

Any tips for people wanting to layer vintage into their life or look? 

Layering is the perfect approach. Slowly add a piece at a time.

Why is it important to you to shop small? 

I like knowing where my money goes and knowing that I'm supporting my community.


Isn't Rita's home lovely?! We agree! See some of our other home tours here. Visit shopfleastyle.com for finds just like Rita's to make your home and closet a little more handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind too!

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