Home Tour: Peek Inside Liz Kamarul's Boho Winnebago

Home Tour: Peek Inside Liz Kamarul's Boho Winnebago

Thanks to Instagram, we have longed over Liz Kamarul's beautiful bohemian interior design style for a while. And also thanks to Instagram, we got to meet the talented influencer while she made a pit stop in Dallas last week.

Earlier this summer, the 33-year old packed up her life in Portland, Oregon to hit the road in a vintage RV with her husband Tim and dogs Cudi and Bo. They've been visiting bucket list locales (Sedona Arizona, Long Beach) and social media friends that they wanted to meet face to face.

Dallas was a must-see for Liz to connect with Instagram pen pals -- and fellow interior design lovers -- Lauren Williamsand Judy Aldridge. I was fortunate to be invited to a dinner party at Judy's dreamy digs while Liz was in town and instantly fell for the free spirit while we chatted over several cheese plates and glasses of white wine.

I invited her to the office the next day to be a guest on our new Fridays with Flea Style podcast to keep our fun convo going. Less than 24 hours later her RV pulled up to our Dallas studio and we sat down for another hour to talk all about her career, social media skills and how she packed her life into a storage unit and hit the road for the ultimate adventure.

Do not miss this podcast! You will fall in love with Liz just like I did. You will also be inspired by her zest for life, in awe of her fearless spirit and learn a business tip -- or five! -- too. In the meantime, here is a quick Q+A she did on the road while traveling from Dallas to Austin for us.


What is the year, make and model of your ride? 

It's a 1982 Winnebago Brave.

Where and how did you find it? 

We found it on Craigslist only five blocks from our house for $5,000!

How long did it take to renovate? 

We worked on it every weekend from February to June this year.

Did you and Tim do all of the work or did you hire out help? 

Tim and I did all of the work. Well, Tim did most of it! He just looked up videos on YouTube and taught himself to do whatever needed to be done.

Describe the Winnebago's style in three words: 

Bohemian and vintage.

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How many miles have you logged so far? 

About 3,600 miles and 115 hours.

Where did you find the things you decorated with?  

A lot of it was thrifted and a lot of it came from companies that I collaborated with such as Rejuvenation, Hygge and West, New Wall, Whole 9 Yards,  FLOR, Loloi and Brentwood.

How did you optimize storage in such a tiny space? 

There was a lot of storage underneath the dining benches that was completely inaccessible so we created pull out drawers to make it easy to use.

Tell us about all of the yummy wallpaper!

I'm totally addicted to wallpaper so of course nearly every wall has been covered. The biggest hit is definitely the ceiling which is Fronds Silhouette from Anthropologie.

What is something you wish you would have thought about design-wise before you left on your journey. 

I'm feeling pretty content so far just my normal need to change things all the time!

Favorite part of your ride? 

I really love it all!

Least favorite? 

My least favorite part in general is how hot it is all the time inside. Our AC is kind of old so it doesn't always do the trick to cool us off.

Any cool stories about a decor item inside the space? 

One of my favorite things is the tree branch pulls for the cabinets on the closet and in the kitchen. People always love them and they were completely free which I love!

Tell us the story about the "nudes" sign!

I've always wanted a neon sign so I was determined to find a way to fit one in the RV! It's from Bright Lite Tribe.

What do you cook on the road? 

We cook a lot of spaghetti which Tim is not always so enthused about but it's my favorite!

What do you miss about a "normal" kitchen? 

I miss having open shelving to style.

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Have you collected items along your journey that now decorate the space? 

We haven't collected a lot of items along the way but I have had some talented artists send me a few things such as Mel Remmers and Muddy Heart.

The palette is pretty neutral and sooth. Was that intentional? 

It started out very neutral because I thought in the small space we should try and keep it that way. But as we continue along our journey I'm really craving more color so keep an eye out for that!

What do you miss most about home life not on wheels? 

Not too much. Maybe just having the ability to switch out furniture and redecorate.

Have you re-decorated at all since leaving Portland? 

I'm starting to change things up in the RV. I just added new wallpaper in the dining room!

Flea Style Liz Kamarul

What is life on the road with your husband and two dogs like in 10 words or less?

A perfect exciting life of adventure.

What music do you listen to on the road? 

It's a blend of hip-hop (Kid Cudi) and folk music (The Head and the Heart).

How often do you drive? 


Flea Style Liz Kamarul

Favorite stop so far? 

We've loved the Oregon sand dunes and Sedona Arizona.


New Orleans!

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