How To Layer Vintage Finds in Your Life

How To Layer Vintage Finds in Your Life

Vintage is a funny word. It either makes your eyes twinkle or conjures up images of musty clothes and mothballs.

Clearly, you know how we feel about all things vintage. We love them. We cherish them. We layer our lives with them from the outfits we wear to our bookshelves and dressers at home.

Tomorrow we head to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas to find our next haul of perfectly aged pieces for our online shop. Here are some of of our current favorites on the site to add some character, richness and history to your home and closet.


Bleached Cow Animal Skull-Flea Style-Shop Flea Style


Vintage Cow Skulls ($68)


Buying art can be overwhelming, or feel like such a big investment. We love to dot our walls with vintage cow skulls. They are affordable, one-of-a-kind and such beautiful tokens of history. They can also be stylish as a garden relic or bookshelf topper. From bleached options to marbleized painted ones, we have several to chose from on the site right now!


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Tassel Earrings ($38) and Vintage Cognac Suede Leather Saddle Bag ($42)


On a recent First Monday Trade Days trip, we scored this vintage cognac suede saddle bag. Isn't she lovely?! Pair her with denim or a breezy bohemian dress and your outfit is instantly boho-chic and one-of-a-kind.

We also found a retro door curtain made from hand-cut wood beads that we disassembled and used the amazing pieces to make unique jewelry such as our Stevie tassel earrings. Wear these neutral beauties with anything in your closet for an instant pop!


Vintage Ceramic Hand Glove Mold-Flea Style-Shop Flea Style

Vintage Ceramic Hand Glove Mold ($36)


Ceramic hand glove molds are an easy and instant way to dress up your bathroom vanity! Drape rings and dainty necklaces from the fingers for a cool decorative piece that's functional, too. Or, place the pretty piece of history inside a bookshelf or glass cabinet for a sculptural objet d'art.


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Vintage Southwestern Stud Earrings ($20) and Vintage Brass Pyramid Stud Earrings ($26)


We found these vintage earrings in the fields of Canton yet they look so on-trend and current! Wear these bad boys with jeans and booties for a downtown cool vibe or dress them up with a blazer and heels. Either way they will layer into your look effortlessly (and so affordably)!



Vintage Female Tribal Figurine Shadowbox ($34)


No matter your decor vibe, objects-turned-art always easily fold into interiors. Whether you find something -- say, old spoons, chippy frame pieces, chunks of wrought iron -- and place it in a frame or snag our cool tribal figurine shadowbox, these pieces pack a punch while adding something interesting to your mix of photographs and paintings.


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Vintage Rabbit Fur Jacket with Leather Trim and Sash ($98)


Every closet needs a couple amazing coats that you lovingly pull out every year. This vintage rabbit fur jacket from Canton is classic yet interesting with leather details and a flattering sash. Wear this over denim or an elegant evening look.


Love these layering pieces? Score our flea market finds at! Several of them are currently an additional 30-percent off with code Hello30 (valid thru 2/4/18). Happy hunting! 


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