Meet Our Breakfast with Brittany Mentees!

Meet Our Breakfast with Brittany Mentees!

Earlier this year, we launched Breakfast with Brittany, a mentorship program that offers one and two hour meetings with our founder to help dreamers to small business owners bounce ideas off Brittany, learn inside tips and tricks from her experiences and just ask any question on their mind about the road ahead as a budding business profesh.

The sessions have been a big hit! And Brittany comes back to the office after every session gushing about the women she's met with and how inspiring it is for her to sit with them and learn about their struggles and successes.

We recently followed up with some of the mentees to learn about their experiences and see how they're doing post session.

Mentee: Zoe Horton, a 31-year old married mama of one.

Business: LulaMade Biscotti Bar, a Texas based soft-baked biscotti brand inspired by the Mediterranean with a seasonally rotating menu to enhance your choice beverage or meal.



Why were you interested in the Breakfast with Brittany mentorship session?

I love learning from other entrepreneurs, especially Dallas-based women. Watching Flea Style grow over the last several years has always really intrigued and excited me!



What was your favorite part about the session?

It's hard to pinpoint! The second we started talking I felt at home! Brittany really helped me hone in on three major ways to grow my business, which gave me a new perspective.

What was an “ah ha” moment for you during the session?

Brittany taught me about weaving my social media pictures into a cohesive quilt versus just random posts. It was simplistic yet mind-blowing at the same time.

How did you leave feeling?

Confident. Invigorated. Fulfilled.

Has the meeting impacted you or your business post-session?

Absolutely! My Instagram following alone grew over 10-percent after being on the Flea Style story, not to mention numerous influencers contacting us and new orders coming in! I can measure the increase in orders after Breakfast with Brittany, and it is exciting. I can measure the social media growth, and it is substantial. I can't measure the confidence she gave me, but it is far worth more than post likes and revenue.



Would you recommend the session for others?

Yes! The information, ideas and positivity Brittany brings to the table in this one-hour session would take months to gather elsewhere. You feel like you're chatting with a knowledgeable old friend, not a stark consultant.

Wow, that's so amazing! Any final thoughts about your time with Britt?

"Breakfast with Brittany far surpassed my expectations! I learned more from her in an hour than I could have in months with a brand consultant. Brittany's experience, energy, and perspective are pure gold. She shined a light on my personal and professional potential that I hadn't seen before."

Mentee: Nicole Young, a 32-year old plant stylist that lives in Norfolk, Virginia (yes, this was our first remote session via FaceTime).

Business: Lois Elaine, a floating bed and breakfast on houseboat based on the Atlantic. From a date night to staycation or vacation rental, the boats offer fun out-of-the-box experiences and vacations.





What was your favorite part about the session?

The brainstorming! Brittany provides new ideas and helped me flesh out previous ideas.

Did you have an “ah ha” moment?

Yes! I realized my idea is a lot more expandable than what I previously realized. My local community houses great resources and reservoirs for my idea.



Would you recommend the session for others? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend this session! Brittany is open and thorough. She utilized every inch of the time.

How did you end your FaceTime call feeling?

I left feeling empowered and less overwhelmed. It gave me huge relief after the hour one-on-one talk with a business maven.




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