Pop The Bubbly! We Have A Podcast!

Pop The Bubbly! We Have A Podcast!

About a month ago during our Monday morning staff meeting I pitched the idea to start a podcast. I had just completed my first podcast taping the Saturday before with Summit panelist Alli Koch and her dad Tony Bridwell for their series Breakfast with Sis. I had caught the podcast bug!

The team loved the idea. Unlike myself, they were very familiar with the platform and regularly tuned into their favorite series. I was still pretty unfamiliar with the format but really enjoyed my first taping and the couple of episodes of Girlboss Radio that I listened to beforehand to prep.

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I loved so many things about this new world I had discovered. I loved how you could learn about somebody so quickly and intimately (and hear their voice versus reading it). I loved how you could soak up advice from people that you admire and learn about new amazing people that you never knew existed. I loved the tips, the startup stories and the funny insider stuff. I loved it all!

My background is in journalism and interviewing others so this whole platform is so up my alley. For more than 10 years I interviewed subjects and celebrities for The Dallas Morning News, Forbes and other publications so this is a world that's second nature to me (hence why I do the interviewing at Summit).

So, right then and there during that Monday morning meeting we decided to start a podcast! Why not have a Flea Style podcast? Heck, why haven't we had a podcast?! We love to talk, learn about creatives and put them on a pedestal. This is our happy place! We have so many amazing creatives visit the office, join us for Summit, partake in our shows. Let's interview them and help others learn from these inspiring small business owners. Like now!


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So, we decided we needed a name. I guess equipment would have been a more practical first move, but we felt we needed a title to build our tone, voice and concept from. We talked through lots of titles. I can't recall what all we spit out but Fridays with Flea Style won out pretty much immediately. The title is something we use frequently on the blog when we interview influencers and artisans in office and just felt right and like an extension of the brand.

We had no clue where to go from there so we asked Alli Koch lots of questions. We took her tech recommendations and bought some entry level equipment which arrived in two days thanks to Amazon. Alyssa started playing with the equipment (and had a couple long tech question calls with support).

Grace started designing some cover photos to submit to iTunes. I started thinking of people I wanted to sit down with, questions I'd like to ask them and the tone, voice and vibe we wanted our series to have. We wanted our podcast to be warm, friendly, welcoming and even a bit humorous but also really offer solid advice, inspiration and insight into the creative small business world. iTunes requires a short summary of the series so I came up with this:

"Step inside the world of Flea Style — a hub for massive curated pop up markets, cool educational conferences, artisan workshops and an online shop — and join founder Brittany Cobb as she interviews established and budding business owners, operators and influencers about their creative companies. On each episode, Brittany and her guests kick back with a coffee or cocktail and dig into start up stories, business pitfalls, regrets, lessons learned, advice they want to share and plenty of funny stories along the way. Get ready to laugh out loud and take lots of notes!"

Next we had to send in an example episode to be approved by iTunes so we decided to interview ourselves for starters in case we made any major mistakes. I think I asked if we're actually recording at least twice during the live taping. We talked about our day to day operations, our job roles and personal lives. We basically open up about ourselves and the company to let listeners get to know us a bit better.

Surprisingly to us, the first episode wasn't bad! I think it really represents our company dynamic, "work hard play hard" mentality and how much we love what we do. Thankfully we liked how it turned out as we later learned iTunes doesn't let you delete the submitted session from your feed. We hope you'll listen to it to it -- and not judge our amateur skills too much -- and enjoy learning about us a bit more.

Next up is Alli Koch, that gal we owe our little podcast to in the first place. We recently sat down with the Summit panelist to learn about her small business and know y'all will love her tips and candor. She's such a rising star that has stayed humble and continues to put in the hard work to grow herself and budding company.

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Be sure to check back each week for new content and a breakdown of each episode. We hope they inspire you, empower you and leave you with lots of tips to design the life of your dreams.

We'd love to hear your feedback as the podcast grows, too. Shoot me an email at brittany@fleastyle.com if there are some people you'd like us to interview, ways I can improve (I'm still learning and need all the advice!) or questions you'd like me to ask guests.

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast to keep up with new info and episodes too. Find Fridays with Flea Style on iTunes and read a our weekly recaps and favorite tips here.


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