Shop Talk: 99 Problems But a Camper Ain’t One

Shop Talk: 99 Problems But a Camper Ain’t One

Y’all, I can’t find enough minutes in the day right now to tackle my to-do list (hence why this weekly post is going up on a Tuesday instead of its regular Monday programming). So I’m going to make this one super fast because I literally need to scoot for a meeting in ten minutes! Ok, here we go:

Last week was a big one! We had lots of major progress happen — and lots of major problems, too. Shocker!



I visited the store nearly every day last week, including Saturday. There are so many things happening, I just need to be there often to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, that I’m around to answer questions and to eyeball every single design detail. When not on site, I’m still spending nearly every hour of my day working on things for Frisco from placing orders to putting out fires.

On Monday, I delivered some final lights to the job.  On Wednesday, I spent three hours with my framer designing custom art for Heirloom Haul’s walls from old windows, art and relics I’ve been collecting over the years. I’m very excited to see our art walls come to life with these special pieces that hold so much meaning for us.



On Thursday I had my standing weekly meeting. We walked through change orders, next steps and correcting some little issues here and there. We were supposed to get our CO today (originally 10/1) but it looks like we’ll need at least another week to 10 days to get there. And that’s if our appliances land on time. Stay tuned…

Friday I shot up to the space at 8 a.m. to be on site for the restaurant’s chandelier install only to find out the wiring was incorrect and we couldn’t hardwire my fixtures. I was so mad. Not only did I shift my entire morning schedule with the kids to be up there that early, but I was really excited to see this come to life. Tomorrow I will go back for this meeting with the electrician after he completes the additional wiring…

Instead of working on lights Friday, I spent my time creating our custom Heirloom Haul mirror tile backsplash. I bought four different size mirror tiles and personally puzzled them together to create a totally one-of-a-kind pattern. It took hours, but looks so unique and beautiful!

Of course while building out the design, we found out we didn’t order enough tile. I swear y’all, nothing is easy on this job! So I had to scramble and find some more tile locally that could fold into the random mirror tile pattern I am creating since my selections were all custom order and wouldn’t land in time for install. Needless to say, Friday was exhausting physically and mentally. Actually, that sums up everyday right now!



Last week I placed our giant appliance orders for the kitchen for everything from our fridges to meat slicers. Grace was in town for two days and we had some big Heirloom Haul meetings to discuss packaging, website design, coffee sleeves and menu layout. Some orders trickled in from our table number stands to kitchen staff aprons.

On Wednesday, a front page article in The Dallas Morning News hit newsstands about our Frisco expansion. It was so exciting to see all of our hard work in writing! These moments certainly make the tough days a little sweeter…



 Saturday was a big day! Cale and Chris delivered Stevie Nicks, our vintage 1966 camper that they restored. They hitched her to Cale’s truck and drove 30 miles an hour to carefully get her to Frisco in one piece.

I hadn’t seen her in weeks so it was a big reveal for me. She is perfect! They sanded, buffed and polished her to perfection. She’s the perfect balance of vintage and shabby and new and updated. Getting her into the space was hilarious. We had to remove the entire glass panel section of one side of the store to wiggle her in. From there, they had to maneuver her just right to squeeze into her tight space. On site, Cale had to cut off part of her hitch so she would shimmy in safe and tight.





This week I’m selecting coffee and tea, tasting lots of menu items, ordering final appliances, scheduling wallpaper installation, designing grand opening invites…. I’m finalizing lighting heights Wednesday. Our banquets get installed Thursday. The list goes on and on. It’s all coming together and going to be absolutely gorgeous. Follow the fun on stories. Ok, off to my next meeting!


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