Shop Talk: Celebrations, Challenges & Lots of Lavender Lattes

Shop Talk: Celebrations, Challenges & Lots of Lavender Lattes

Happy Tuesday y’all! I’m so excited to be back on Shop Talk — and typing it from Heirloom Haul while sipping a delicious lavender latte!

I can’t believe we finally have our Frisco location and restaurant open. It was very touch-and-go Grand Opening week and I seriously wasn’t sure we would pull it off (more on that later).

Now that our doors are officially open at The Star, expect a weekly blog post here from me filling you in on everything going on at Flea Style and Heirloom Haul. From events and behind-the-scenes scoop to funny happenings and failures, I will spew it all to you.



That said, you won’t see other blog content here anymore. As we’re growing and my time is being spread thinner and thinner across so many areas to the business, I cannot pour the proper time and energy into our blog any longer. With growth comes a lot of perspective and I have quickly realized that I need to cut back in lots of areas and pour into others.

So instead of a lifestyle blog, this blog will now be a personal letter from me each week. My goal is to post every Tuesday, but I also know some weeks that will probably have to change with my commitments and to do list because I refuse to pre-write things and not be totally open and honest with y’all!



About the past couple weeks since I last posted. It’s been crazy! I’ve learned so much! I’ve never been more stressed. I’ve also never smiled so much in my life.

I won’t go into all of the details, but the week of installing the store I was literally faced with every single challenge, obstacle and piece of red tape you could imagine. Most of them came from the city and not passing inspections due to little details. The day we opened for our private grand opening, we literally got our CO from the city a few hours prior. It was cut as close as possible.

In addition, our wifi appointment was randomly cancelled by the service company and re-scheduled for a week after we were supposed to open. We need wifi for everything from our POS system to music so if The Star didn’t help us pull off a hot spot miracle that they did we would have pushed back our opening by several days for tech reasons alone.

And these were just two of the roadblocks that came our way…



Somehow, we got the green light and opened in the nick of time to greet 200 friends and family members for our soft opening the night before our grand opening to the public. It was such a magical night filled with loved ones, lots of wine and a few very tear-filled toasts.

My parents flew in for the event and even surprised me with a special speech and the team rolled out the yummiest cake to celebrate my birthday, which was the following day. The moment we opened our doors, I officially let my hair down, let all of my worries slip away and just enjoyed every second of that special night. The team and I had worked so hard up to that point (you should have seen my chipped, broken nails that I didn’t have time to fix!) and I wanted to soak up all of the love and support in that room.



The next day — our grand opening! — was a dream. It also fell on my 37th birthday making it an extra special day for me in particular. Friends, family and vendors poured in all day. My friend Mary surprised me for lunch and that much-need manicure. And I ate so much cake my tummy hurt from all the sugar but I was so hungry from working so hard all week prior I didn’t care.

Since opening, the feedback has been so uplifting and encouraging. People are loving the store, Heirloom Haul’s food and our unique goods that aren’t easy to find in Frisco. It’s clear we made the right choice to scale and open here. That said, it’s been a huge challenge figuring everything out now that we have multiple locations, a restaurant, so many new employees and processes to put in place as we watch the business find it’s footing.



I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life. I feel so much pressure to keep the businesses in the black, employees happy, company culture in tact, processes smooth and my personal life on track. I’m also trying to trouble shoot so many issues from a broken ice machine, cooks not showing up and food spoilage to finding time to hire new people, manage all that we already do and grow the business with new opportunities. I’m up for the challenge but I cannot explain how big of a challenge this is for me. I have no business degree, restaurant experience or magic spell to figure out how to be a boss, wife, mom, daughter and all the things all the time. It’s crazy y’all!



Thank you all for supporting our small business and all those that we champion through our stores and restaurant. I promise to fold you into more of the fun here each week, but I’m always authentic here and right now things are not a bed of roses. However, we do serve the yummiest rose and lavender lattes. Please come have one with me at Heirloom Haul, my new office as I need to be on site watching this restaurant and store every minute of the day.


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