Shop Talk: Ch-Ch-Changes Floor To Ceiling

Shop Talk: Ch-Ch-Changes Floor To Ceiling

There have been so many changes this week floor to ceiling and every space in between. Ductwork and electrical conduit continues to go in the ceiling throughout the rafters. Once that’s all set there will be a final coat of paint so it all blends together and looks uniform.


Flea Style Shop Talk Road to Retail 2018




Brick saw a lot of action this week, too. On the second building, we added four additional window openings. The masonry company took out each window brick by brick in another very labor intensive process. The job made a ton of peachy dust that I swear is still stuck in my hair from daily visits. I wanted to keep some of the brick for a future exterior wall project so they made sure to save as many as possible.

On the main building, I brought a second pale blush color to test. Over the past couple weeks I’ve gotten cold feet about my original selection. Although next to the old dark red brick it looks light, I’m fearful overall once painted it will look very PINK. And I don’t want a “pink” building. I want a really soft light color that’s soothing and feminine but doesn’t scream cotton candy. I think we nailed with with our latest section. Keep your fingers crossed! Paint is so hard!!!





Speaking of paint, I can’t decide what I want to do with the retail store’s brick walls. I’ve come to the conclusion that it will have to be the last project so I can see the entire building finished out first. I want to keep some of the worn patina but also love the idea of a fresh coat of white paint throughout. The walls have seen a lot of splats, spills and stains and although I love the history of it all, I also don’t want to renovate the entire space and then feel like the walls don’t stand up to the rest of the renovation. We’ll see… I’m playing with the idea of keeping the bottom and top two feet or so exposed and aged and then paint fresh in between…



The floors were grinded this week with huge industrial machines to remove decades and decades of old paint, oils, grime and other tough substances that were stuck to them.  The process revealed a sandy gray concrete layer (above is mid-process before they were cleaned and sealed) that’s really pretty and even has a Terrazzo look to it with exposed earthy fleck tones.

I chose not to stain it and instead just seal the original color. I think it will provide a really soft backdrop for the store and the light color will help bounce natural light throughout the space since there are only windows in the front and back of the entire building (the back have a huge awning over them no less).

For the last several days, we’ve been away from the project setting up for our spring show. I can’t wait to visit today and see what else has happened! Stay tuned!

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