Shop Talk: Clearing Out Storage Time!

Shop Talk: Clearing Out Storage Time!

Sunday kicked my peach, y’all! We had our huge Rummage Sale to clear out our storage space to start construction on Heirloom Haul Deep Ellum.

The event was a big success and helped us make room for all the magic that the restaurant will be. It was so fun to see our shoppers scoop up our old fixtures, finds and displays — all for a good cause, too.



To be honest, I’ve been pretty focused on current events and haven’t been able to do a lot of planning. Between the Rummage Sale and our huge India pop up this week (are you coming?!), I’ve needed to shift my energy to those fun things.



That said, we did have a few nuggets of progress. Our cash wrap arrived from East Texas and is sooo amazing! I cannot wait to fold this into the entry design of Heirloom Haul and serve customers from this incredible piece of history.


A tiny victory: We now have donuts! We listened to your requests, and folded simple cake donuts into our menu in Frisco and eventually Deep Ellum. I taste-tested them last week — every single one of them — and loved their simple flavor and fact that adults now have another quick-pick option for hungry kiddos inside our spaces.

A major development last week: I approved our architectural scope bids and can now move forward with the team on designing our spaces for construction quotes and city permits. We have a ways to go before those markers, but at least we can now get drawing beyond the idea phase… I’m so excited to start putting a plan of action in place to turn our space into the eatery of my dreams! I’m shooting for the stars (including a rooftop patio!) so wish us luck we can fit it all in other space and get the green light from Dallas!

We submitted our Frisco patio plans to The Star and are hoping to get our permit soon to build the pergola. Everything else is either ordered or under construction to install soon! Last week’s gorgeous weather got me sooo excited to get this outdoor space open for us to enjoy! We delivered some of my vintage flea market patio finds last week and are so crunched in our back storage space until install. But it’s all worth it!

This weekend I hosted my daughter’s 8th birthday at Heirloom Haul and it was a hit! We had several other events in the space too. Our new event coordinator Whitney is doing a great job in her role and really helping us rev up this part of the business and make your creative event dreams come true!

Our Art Director, Grace, is in town from Chicago and painting a really fun mural in our Frisco space this week! Last week, she painted a sweet moment in our kids’ section that blends Heirloom Haul’s signature burst design with a vintage arched window casing I found in Canton. It’s all so cute! You need to come up and see!


This week I will continue to push go on our design plans and clearing out storage with the remaining items. Our main focus, though, are our India pop ups Thursday and Friday in store and on-boarding a new employee, Katie, who starts today! Lots going on! Follow the fun in stories!

Have a great week!


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