Shop Talk: Construction Starts & Cool Wall Coverings

Shop Talk: Construction Starts & Cool Wall Coverings

T-minus three weeks until we open our Game Day Style doors for our grand opening celebration! What does that mean? We’re working around the clock (literally some days) to pull off this crazy-fast opening to hit the NFL and holiday seasons.

We’ve made a ton of progress since Monday, when we officially inked our deal. Locksmith appointment and new keys, check. Hired the general contractor, check. Wallpapered the walls, check. Opened some Heirloom Haul wine to cope with the craziness, check, check, check!

Monday was a huge day. Not only did we sign the deal, but we started so many fun projects from papering the store walls with a cool plaid I blindly selected online (luckily I loved it) to taking some unique photographs I found to our framer to turn into pretty artwork in vintage window panes hauled back from flea markets.

I also met with a popular candle vendor in-store to dream up and design some custom candles for the store. I’m really excited about these locally made gifts with cool names like Friday Night Lights and Hail Merry (fun, right?!). From hiring Texas artists to makers, we’re trying to source as much talent and product locally as possible.

Grace has been hard at work designing some custom stickers, koozies, mugs and even foam fingers. We’re having a lot of fun creating game day related product for our customers that love sports, but unique style too.

On Tuesday our general contractor started work from sourcing unique wood paneling for some of the walls to wiring for new electrical fixtures. This job is going to be fast and furious – one week tops! – so they have a mountain to climb to get it complete so our team can start setting the floor with fixtures and product.

Yesterday I selected paint for some accent walls and ordered some fixtures from clothing rods to mannequins and chandeliers. I’m also creating a concession stand in store and ordered an old school popcorn machine. I am a HUGE popcorn fan, so I cannot wait for this to arrive and test it out!

Today I met with a source I met in California last month on my flea market buying trip. He brought bags and bags of vintage sports tees and sweatshirts for me to source through. He has family all over Texas that collects these one-of-a-kind pieces and it was so fun to pick my favorites and support his crew. I bought over 200 items and they are amazing, y’all! I cannot wait for shoppers to see them. From Bulls and Bears to OU and Dallas Cowboys, I got it all.

Painting started early this morning and is already looking fresh and fun. Tomorrow, Hannah and I hit up Dallas Cowboys Merchandising HQ to select our favorite items to re-imagine with our team for tees to custom flannels. We also started interviews for part-time help in the store. We’re excited to build our team – and be able to hire during these crazy times — to make this store a success! Of course, we’re doing all of this while trying to keep our Flea Style stores and restaurant Heirloom Haul afloat. It’s a lot, but we’re doing our best day by day.

Keep checking back here for more updates, scoop and behind the scenes photos! And plan to come visit if you’re around next month! It’s going to be a ball, y’all.


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