Shop Talk: Countertops, Columns & The Ultimate Collage

Shop Talk: Countertops, Columns & The Ultimate Collage

Last week I spent countless hours working on selections and finishes for Frisco with our opening date now just a couple months away. The pressure is on to keep this project on schedule to take advantage of the holiday shopping and football seasons.

I’ve been collecting dozens of paint samples and am now scheduling them for the space. From baseboards and door trims to ceiling and wall colors, I’m painstakingly picking hues for every inch of the interior to make it really unique, fun and so Flea Style. I’m sure it’s no shocker that there will be plenty of blush, ivory and a touch of green throughout.



Above is a pretty mix of recent finds from our employee break room kitchen backsplash and restroom floor tiles to trays still trickling in for Heirloom Haul’s food service. I’m obsessed with all of these Sherwin William paint colors, too. I just love how everything looks together!!!



On Thursday, I had my weekly construction site meeting with our general contractor and design team. Thursday has quickly become my favorite day of the week! I love these meetings so much. It’s amazing to watch the progress week to week and see all of our hard work and dreams come to life. We’re still in the thick of the not-so-pretty stuff — sheetrock, structural, electrical — but it still makes me giddy watching it all unfold and slowly become a store and restaurant!



After my Thursday meeting one of the engineers met me at our Frisco storage unit to pull some columns that need to be built into a pony wall in Heirloom Haul. I hadn’t been to storage in months and knew it was pretty packed with finds Hannah has been bringing up week by week. When we got there, we realized the columns were literally in the furthest back corner possible and the guys had to take out 100 chairs to get to them. It was quite a project but we safely got them out and off to Frisco to make them structurally sound in my pony wall idea. I cannot wait to see this special section of the space — courtesy of a major Canton score — come to life!




Last week I approved Heirloom Haul and our break room kitchens’ countertops. I went with a bulletproof quartz product for easy maintenance that still has a classic look. I also selected grout colors for all of our tile selections including the health department mandated quarry tile for the back kitchen floor.


One of my favorite projects last week was playing with hundreds of poster images I had made for Heirloom Haul. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been printing stock and personal images that are meaningful to Flea Style and me. I’ve had this collage wall idea for a long time and finally decided to just go for it. It’s a huge statement and I hope it translates how it see it in my mind. If so, I think y’all are going to LOVE it! I’m still figuring out how to install this massive project that spans over 18 feet tall… Wish me luck!




I found some fabulous upholstery for Heirloom Haul’s banquet last week. I’ve had the seat cushion textile for a while, but needed the perfect coordinating yardage for the seat back. On a whim I checked out a local fabric store and found my dream material — in the discount bin! I can’t wait to see this fun mix of fabric together that’s totally unexpected.

In addition to all of these tasks, I spent hours online figuring out hardware, more backsplash tile and other logistics. I also approved items from audio-visual stuff to Heirloom Haul packaging.

Little by little it’s coming together but we still have a very long road ahead to our grand opening. Keep checking back here for updates and behind-the-scenes scoop!


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