Shop Talk: Countertops, Electrical and Vintage Finds

Shop Talk: Countertops, Electrical and Vintage Finds

In less than five weeks – if all goes as planned – we’ll be moving into our HQ! Last week, lots happened, although not the fun stuff.

Electrical was completed. I selected light switch locations. I made some final change orders including adding some additional doors and removing some accent tile walls that were pushing the budget. I selected our kitchen countertops (hello, carrara marble) and ordered all cabinet hardware.



Some fun selections also arrived at our door from our decorative rope pendant lights to vintage rugs that will decorate our conference room, hallway and my much-anticipated office quarters.

On Thursday, I hit Canton for some flea market finds to bring some vintage sparkle to the space. I found a few things including some leather accent chairs, a super-worn metal planter and an antique bathtub that will morph into a cool outdoor planter. Fun random fact: I’ve always wanted an old tub for a funky installation piece. Score!

This week, I’m selecting paint colors for everything from the walls to ceiling and cabinets. I’m finalizing faucet picks and pushing go on appliance orders.



Our new distribution manager starts in a week and we’re already working with her on finding the perfect organizational fixtures, storage racks and shipping supplies to outfit that designated space.

I’m starting to dream about my office space and what I want it to look and function like. I’ve never had four walls to call my own and am excited to map out my space. While I want it to be super functional, I want it to reflect my personal style and be a place I want to really sit in and enjoy.



I found some designer art prints that will definitely make a splash on the walls. I have a vintage desk that’s followed me for decades and will be an anchor inside. In Canton, I found some beautiful frames I plan to make into mirrors and flank the brick wall that will house family photos and my more personal items.

This week sheetrock will go up, doors will be hung and our HVAC system will get installed. Roof repairs are being made and insulation will go in soon. Things should really evolve quickly now that the nuts and bolts are in place. So excited to share the transformation with you here and on Instagram soon!



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