Shop Talk: Cowboys Game to Construction

Shop Talk: Cowboys Game to Construction

Fifteen days from today, we officially open Game Day Style. With our crazy-fast deadline since signing our lease last week, we’re working around the clock to pull this 1,300-square foot space together.

The past week has been a whirlwind. Last Friday, Hannah and I visited the Dallas Cowboys Merchandising HQ to scoop up hundreds of products to be reimagined. The team we worked with was incredible setting up a huge area of collegiate and pro team apparel that performs best for us. We were like kids in a candy shop sifting through all of the items! If you’re a TCU, Baylor, Tech, A&M or Rangers fan, you’re especially in luck.


On Saturday, I took my mom and daughter to a local outdoor flea market and downtown McKinney to shop for unique fixtures and art for the store. We scored, y’all! I found some cool old military trunks that will make great risers and storage bins. I needed a huge display case for one blank wall space and found a winner! It’s an old rustic general store cabinet with the perfect patina, storage capacity and vibe. From vintage megaphones and letterman’s jackets to old locker doors, I handpicked some handsome finds to dress the space with an old-school sports vibe.

On Sunday, I was tipped off about a JCPenney’s fixture closeout. Holy cow, y’all. I was overwhelmed by all of the racks, cabinets and tables on clearance. I had to practice some serious restraint, but left with a dozen or more gems from male mannequins to the coolest wire rolling rack with a batting cage vibe. We packed up our cargo van with everything and delivered our haul to The Star Monday where our team worked together to unload the heavy pieces. Best. Team. Ever.

On Monday, final touches were also happening with construction: lights got hung, the wood walls were put in place, columns were secured to some fixtures and touch-up paint was complete. I can’t say enough good things about our local general contractors Tinney Trades Corporation. If you are in the Frisco area and looking for some help, I can’t recommend hardworking husband/wife team Stokely and Jesi Tinney enough! From bidding the job to completion, they knocked this project out in two weeks with smiles on their faces and some serious design savvy to bring my vision to life.

With our tight timeline and budget, we had to get creative with the space from materials to design features. If I had more time I would have done things differently (try ordering lights, wallpaper, etc. — mid-pandemic — with a week landing time or less), but I’m still thrilled with the turnout. One of my favorite elements are the bump outs we created with plywood, columns I already owned, some barn lights and vintage locker doors to highlight our reimagined tees. The mix of materials completely transformed the former Euro-sleek arched alcoves to a more rustic, sporty tone.

Another thing that will set that tone? Our custom locally-framed artwork. We used our go-to gal Max Sims of Frames by Max to turn vintage inspired photographs into one-of-a-kind masterpieces inside old window panes I scored at flea markets. From abstract stadium lights to vintage Ford tailgates and footballs, these images come to life inside the chippy frames with rich mats. Fun story: While selecting mats for some of the panes, I fell in love with this deep gray blue color. It’s name? Brittany Blue. Meant. To. Be!

Today, our two-day install with professional movers starts and these frames will be the first thing set in place. Similar to Heirloom Haul, they will dot our tall walls and set the tone for our space. I’m so excited to see them hung and get to work on setting the floor from there!

To celebrate our new concept store, I took the team to the Cowboys game on Monday night. Not only has this new space been a whip for us, but we’re still hard at work on all things Flea Style and Heirloom Haul. In fact, we’ve never been busier in addition to hitting the holiday season.

We’re launching new markets, including Market at The Star, this fourth quarter. We’re introducing a new Sunday brunch. We’re hosting our biggest private day event ever — today! — in our Frisco studio. We’re rolling out weekly online collections. We’re beefing up social media. We’re brainstorming Heirloom Haul Deep Ellum. The list goes on and on…

So with that said, our Flea Style team needed a night out. A night of laughs, margaritas and cheer. It was so fun to get most of the gals (we missed a handful that couldn’t make it) to celebrate our crazy year and the fun ahead. I’m so grateful for this crew that believes in everything we’re doing, and going to do. It’s truly an honor to be building this business alongside them for everyone’s success, especially the small businesses that are the backbone of everything we do.

Off to put on my work clothes, hit Dallas Market real fast for some final game day accessories, and then to The Star to meet my movers for some install magic. Follow it all on Instagram stories and check back here for a big update next week!


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