Shop Talk: Crunch Time x 100

Shop Talk: Crunch Time x 100

Every time I walk inside the building these days I feel like I’m entering a tornado. It’s all hands on deck right now to pull this thing together by June!

If all goes as planned, the building will be finished tomorrow — from a CO (certificate of occupancy) standpoint. So next week all final inspections will take place to get the green light to move in while small final tasks and punch-list items that the city doesn’t care about (driveway gravel, entry floor tile and paint touch ups) happen.



On Monday, the old pallets that I’ve been hoarding for the perfect project “one day” found their forever home along our mezzanine to create a cool textural wall. We literally had the exact amount available to cover the second story and reuse a very special piece of history from the building (the former owners received these from shipments as far back as 40 years ago!).

Final electrical wiring work is happening and fixtures start getting installed today! Painting has been going down all week long and really breathing new life into the space. As much as we wanted to keep some of the original brick work when push came to shove the walls were just too dirty to keep them as-is. We glossed over several and kept some age here and there when possible. The mix is just right and feels really fresh.

The back patio is rocking and rolling right now. The new metal roof panels go in any day and our custom side gate was forged and finished, too. The front gate went in yesterday and looks simple and inviting. Can’t wait to add some landscaping to add some pizazz (gimme all the plants)!


The kitchen is starting to shape up! We used an antique green work table from the former owners instead of buying or building new cabinets. The decades old wood piece looks so rad in the all-white space! We dropped a sink inside and used some vintage mauve marble slabs I found at a local antique store for the counter. The final product is so fun and unique.

All bathroom appliances and fixtures go in mañana. I met with the wallpaper installer Tuesday to get a quote and set the date for that magic to happen.

On the operations side in preparation to open, we’ve been interviewing new hires, drafting our return policy, crafting custom hang tag elements, dreaming up our front window display and doing literally another 1000-plus things! Oh, and working with vendors on product so we have stuff to sell! There is so much going on to prep for our June opening not to mention our office move is in less than two weeks!

Next week I will announce our grand opening date and fill you in on final details before we start the move and store installation. We’re so excited y’all!!!

Stay tuned!

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