Shop Talk: Deliveries, Fixtures + Paint Party!

Shop Talk: Deliveries, Fixtures + Paint Party!

Last week was such a major week for our Frisco project! I had the first on-site meeting with our general contractor and design team. It was surreal to walk the space with them and see actual 2×4’s and steel beams in place! It’s finally all happening!!!

Behind the scenes, so much progress is also in motion. Daily, we’re receiving tons of deliveries from light fixtures and Heirloom Haul supplies to bistro tables and chairs. I’m constantly shopping and ordering items too from upholstery fabric to outdoor umbrellas. Now that we have the construction green light, it’s game on to get everything here asap since we have such a quick turnaround to get this store and restaurant open this fall!

Here’s a rundown of some of the fun that took place last week!


Meet Katy, the design lead on our general contractor’s team. Although I’m selecting every single finish for this space, she’s helping order items, sending square footage numbers and much more. She’s been a gem to work with!



On Thursday Grace was in town all day and we had such a ball! We spent most of our time downloading on all tasks in person since she now works on graphic design for us remotely in Chicago.

Between meetings, I gave her a tour of our storage space packed with selections to take measurements of some items she will letter, vinyl and add her artistic touch. We miss her so much! It was so nice to have her here in person!



Trays, trays, more trays! We’re collecting these sweet vintage TV trays tiny bunch by tiny bunch. It’s so much fun to open these packages and see them all come together. It’s going to be such a charming way to enjoy our bites at Heirloom Haul!



A sliver of the stacks of boxes piling up in storage. Although most items are handmade and vintage for the store, the restaurant has several new pieces with an antique vibe (it’s a code thing with wiring rules, commercial use and the health department).

From patio fixtures to chandeliers, everything is shaping up to be so pretty!!!



This is where our vintage Scotty camper will be parked in the restaurant. We have the most incredible wall treatment planned for this spot that we’re currently working on. I can’t wait to share it with y’all! It’s so meaningful but will pack a HUGE style punch too!  Ahhh I can’t wait to get to the installation phase of this project!



On Wednesday I met with Courtney Anderson of Arrowwood Design to talk through fixture ideas for the store. She’s going to help us with jewelry displays, some hanging ideas and even re-work some of our vintage pieces to better function in our space.

I’ve known Courtney for years — she’s been a vendor, hosted workshops in our studio and we even travelled to Morocco together last spring — and it’s so fun to fold her into this project. I love supporting local creatives, especially pals that I’ve watched flourish and fly in their field! This is going to be a really special collab for Flea Style and me, personally.



Hannah showing off a light for the Heirloom Haul dining hall. Love how these globes look like little pieces of jewelry. They give off just the vintage meets jewel box vibe I’m going for with this concept.



On Saturday, I spent some time selecting paint colors for the entire interior of our Frisco home. I had mapped out all of the areas we needed different colors for and had a blast picking out the perfect shade for each spot. It’s going to be a soft soothing blush scheme with a couple pops of deep color. Can’t wait to show y’all the beautiful palette!


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