Shop Talk: Designing Product & Wine Menu Time!

Shop Talk: Designing Product & Wine Menu Time!

Well, if we don’t have a permit to start construction on our Frisco space, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to move full steam ahead on all other things! Starting with a major floor move at our Dallas store.

I honestly thought I’d be living in Frisco this summer knee-deep in construction dust. But since we’re still waiting for the green light from the city, my focus is on our Deep Ellum store’s evolution a year into opening and fine-tuning all the operational and product stuff for our future home up north.




On Monday and Tuesday, the retail team and I moved the entire floor! We do this two times a year to freshen things up, add new product throughout, edit old items out of the mix and do a deep clean from sweeping hard-to-reach corners to dusting and wiping down fixtures.

Although these moves are some of the toughest days of the year physically and mentally, they are also the most rewarding when we’re done. It’s amazing how shaking things up can breathe new life into a space and product!

We’re thrilled with the more open layout and vibrant summer vibes we created. We had a killer week — especially given it was a holiday week/weekend — and are so pumped our shoppers love the new vibes, too. I was so sore and tired the rest of the week but the aches and pains were worth it!



On Wednesday our next batch of Cowboys Game Day gear arrived. We’re obsessed y’all! Everything is seriously so festive and fun and 100-percent reconstructed and reimagined right here in Dallas. I’m so proud of this handmade collection. It’s such a huge labor of love!

Every single denim star is hand cut by our team. Every single piece of denim, flannel — you name it — is sourced by our retail director weekly. The old Cowboys tees sewn into designs are hunted down by Hannah, too. And from the star patches to tees, every thing is cut, sewn, stitched and ironed by local makers (these pieces by our dear friend Sarah).

I’m giddy to get these pieces out to the fans! We get daily DM’s asking to buy them early but are trying to hold ourselves back and wait for our Frisco store launch. Hopefully the timing works out perfectly with football season, otherwise we’ll have a huge trunk show in our studio.



On Wednesday several pieces we bought in Canton last month for the Frisco store and Heirloom Haul arrived at our storage unit. Our space is starting to get very packed!

Most of the items are fixtures for the store from old suitcases and chairs (the pair of marigold damask chairs will go inside two of our dressing rooms) to the coolest army green trunk I’ve ever seen! I’m so obsessed with everything we found!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get to decorate this giant space in a couple months. I have so many amazing things I’ve collected at flea markets to make the store and restaurant so unique and fun. Give us that permit already, Frisco!!!



On Friday I met with Heirloom Haul’s restaurant consultant for four hours to talk shop. We discussed so many operational things from the customer experience and POS (point of sale) system to staff procedures and job roles.

I learn so much each time I meet with him about the restaurant industry. I’m very anxious about entering this world but know it’s the right thing for the business and our customers.

On a lighter note, we ended our meeting with a wine tasting for our menu. That was FUN! I got to taste about 12 wines and really loved about half of them. I’m really excited about these selections because they’re distributed by a small local company that represents several local families behind the brands. It all felt so right for us and what we stand for (and the rose bubbles are delicious)!

This week we’re hopefully selecting our general contractor, taking our final set of plans to the city and getting our permit once and for all. Regarding our Frisco projects, I’m working on final menu edits for Heirloom Haul, have another wine tasting and also selecting/designing packaging for to go orders. We’re also continuing to create custom product for the store daily…

Keep checking back here for updates and scoop!

Talk soon!

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