Shop Talk: Dirt, Concrete + Inspections Time

Shop Talk: Dirt, Concrete + Inspections Time

We’re two weeks into our HQ remodel. Although this stage is far from sexy, it’s the important stuff: Laying electrical and plumbing lines. Removing old tile and grout. Pouring concrete back in excavated ditches for things like floor plugs.

Every day, I’m also working with our contractors through change orders — moving an electrical panel to save $5,000! — Covid issues (delivery delays, etc.) and design approvals. It’s the mucky part of a remodel, but the part that matters most.

The good news? Tomorrow the real fun begins!

Now that we have our inspection green tags and the concrete is cured, we can start building the walls and really make the space feel like a beautiful headquarters and not just a big open space. The metal studs will start to go up tomorrow and get prepped for sheetrock and paint.

The design is simple. It’s basically broken into three sections: Photo Studio + Conference Space/Workspace + Kitchen/Distribution + Shipping. A lot of fixtures and supplies will move over from our current headquarters but I am on the hunt for a few things that we still need from a conference table to desk chairs and lighting.

Next week I’m in Canton shopping for flea market finds and definitely hope to score a few special, vintage pieces too.


Last week, we started building our team to help bring the HQ to life, too. Our most recent hire is a full-time distribution manager and product planner. We’re so excited to bring on this rockstar next month! Right away, she will help our distribution team source fixtures for the new space, design the product storage layout and help install this portion of the building. Once we are fully moved in, she will run this part of our business from delivery schedules to product allocation.

I’ve been working on design materials from tile to appliances. I’m trying to use a lot of things I’ve had in storage. My beloved Heirloom Haul marigold subway tiles will be used for our kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Lights I’ve collected over the years for the “perfect project” will finally be hung in this special space. And rolls of wallpaper I’ve hoarded will be dusted off and pasted in areas that need a little pop.

Once walls go up tomorrow, things will move so fast! We’re about four weeks out from the big move and couldn’t be more excited. Keep following here and on Instagram for progress updates!



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