Shop Talk: Doors, Floors & Chores

Shop Talk: Doors, Floors & Chores

This week was a total whirlwind between progress at the store and our Market at The Star event. I was in Frisco nearly every single day to work out details for both projects.

When I arrived Tuesday I was thrilled to see that our antique doors were installed in the studio wall! They look gorgeous!!! They instantly gave the giant white box a cozier, more residential vibe.



For the most part, last week was all about buttoning up tape and bed on all walls, wiring final electrical areas and tiling various walls that don’t require cabinetry. On Thursday, we had our weekly team meeting and this was our biggest yet. From my architect and general contractor to Pepsi rep, we all gathered to talk through everything from change orders to where I want my CO2 tank for the soda fountain.

We’re still working through some of the plumbing issues from the wrong plans fiasco, but this meeting really helped us get on the same page and problem solve some of our current challenges, mostly with city code red flags. I’ve had to scramble to get some supplies to correct things (like ADA approved tile to make a bathroom pass health code) but I think we’re getting close to moving past these probs.


 One major highlight of the week: Our Heirloom Haul photo shoot took place last Monday! And it was a dream!!!

My restaurant consultant Jason arrived with about six dishes for us to capture for our website, I had him bring a mix of sandwiches, salads, toast and charcuterie that gave a nice sampling of what we’re offering.

I know I touched on the shoot last week, but I wanted to share a few images from the day here. They’re so beautiful! I love how fresh, pretty and feminine everything turned out with our eclectic decor and dish mix. Grace has started building the site and we plan to push job listings live very soon so we can start developing and training our team.



On Friday, the team and I packed our UHaul with Market at The Star supplies as well as all of the decorative lighting that has landed at the store for Frisco over the past month. I drove everything up to The Star and unloaded about a dozen giant fixtures to the space because they will start installing them very soon.

While there, I met with some food suppliers and signed off on more change orders. I also learned some tile we were ordering was out of stock and needed to scramble to find another option. So once I parked the box truck and checked into the Omni at The Star (the team and I always stay there the night before shows because we have such an early morning), I fired up my laptop in the lobby and got cracking on finding other tile options. Never a dull moment, I swear!

I have lots of other chores on my plate right now, too. From organizing deliveries to listing job posts and working on product development, I’m juggling a ton to get this place open in six or so weeks…

Thankfully, Market at The Star was a giant success on Saturday! Thousands of shoppers showed up, vendors had big sales and the event just proved how perfect of a home Frisco is for our company’s second location. Moments like these remind me why we’re working so hard — and pulling our hair out often times — to scale the company and take on all of the stress of opening another space.

Keep checking back here for more progress updates, scoop and behind-the-scenes craziness!


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