Shop Talk: Exterior Details & Pretty Paint!

Shop Talk: Exterior Details & Pretty Paint!

Hear that? It’s our team squealing — eeeeeeek!!! — that we’re finally seeing some major progress at our new store, studio and HQ!

The biggest changes have been to the exterior, which is officially framed with new woodwork. The entry inset was just completed today and we are swooning over the new alcove and future home of our Moroccan concrete tile.

I searched Sherwin Williams for interior and exterior paint selections last week and love our final choices. We are pretty certain that we will land on a putty pink color for the exterior brick (until it’s up I can’t 100-percent commit!). Trim is still TBD but we’re leaning towards a bold green lacquered door in the olive family. Although pink and green have been popular lately, we’re trying to go with more classic versions that aren’t everywhere you turn.

Since I was a little girl, my favorite color combo has been pink and green. My childhood bedroom was pale pink and olive and our home was covered in cranberry to salmon pink with pops of hunter and mint green. It’s in my bones to use these colors and my current digs have been decorated in them floor to ceiling since 2010 including our thyme green sun room.

I know these hues like the back of my hand and that they will provide a soft backdrop that won’t steal the show from the amazing things our vendors and team collect!




A couple weeks ago while at First Monday Trade Days, we found a petite palm frond light fixture that we will hang from the entry alcove. We’re so excited to add a pop of whimsy and fun in the first space that will welcome shoppers! Our mix of patterned tile, funky fixtures, soft paints and vintage doors sets the tone perfectly for what people can expect inside the Flea Style flagship.

Although I’m really set on our current selections, I can’t figure out what the perfect color is to tie it together and dress up our dreamy doors. If you like any of the selections below — or have another choice — please email me at! We need all the help we can to make this final exterior decision.




We’ve been working on exterior signage. It’s not as simple as it sounds because the city has to be involved in the process. We’ve been mocking up options in our control, however, from exterior art wall ideas to Flea Style lettering and signs. We reached out to Waco-based Dallas vendor Kaktos Rose to help us out! We are extremely close to finalizing details for them to create our metal letter sign that will flank the store front and center. We’re so excited to wrap another vendor into this labor of love!

Today the interior walls are being framed and sheetrock is even up on some of them! The skylights have all been removed and patchwork has commenced (we didn’t want pockets of natural lighting in the store to mess up with our retail track fixtures). The back doors have been framed and windows are being ordered. It’s all happening!




I’m currently out of town visiting my grandfather who is very sick. It’s the craziest time for me to be away from the office (our shows are around the corner!) and this project but as my team knows family always comes first with me. Always.

Today my team called me to FaceTime progress and meet with some contractors for me. I am feeling so blessed to have this time with my grandfather and for a team that keeps the ship sailing while I’m away.

All around, I’m just feeling so grateful for family, my amazing team and this project that is the biggest labor of love I’ve ever produced. This time away has given me some incredible perspective and just motivates me more than ever to make the most of every single day and this dream I’ve had for so long.

There have been some very sad days lately and dark times dealing with death and the fact that life is so short. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think here and there about giving my #worklife up to just have a simpler, more quiet life with my family. Building a business is hard. Building a brand is really hard. Building (ok, re-building) a 120-year old building is insanely hard!

But, with a little time to reflect, I actually feel more motivated than ever and am so excited for what’s all to come! Thank you all for being a part of this journey with us and a huge piece of the encouragement that keeps us pushing through some difficult times to make it all happen and create something so special!

With love,

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